Adidas Utility Bench Review

Adidas Utility Bench

Are you thinking of buying a home gym bench? Well, you may select Adidas Utility Bench for this purpose because this utility bench is designed to be perfect for the home gym. This workout bench can provide you multiple exercises because of having three adjustable positions with what you can exercise for leg, muscle, chest and other parts of your body.

Adidas Utility bench may be your choice depending on your choice as you want to buy a home gym bench. If you want to buy this utility bench, please make a comparison of this workout bench to know what you will use this Flat Incline Decline bench. Learn more reading Adidas Utility Bench Review which has been shared with you by the manufacturer.

Adidas Utility Bench Overview

A perfect home gym bench can help you build your body perfectly. Adidas Utility Bench is such a home gym bench which provides you multiple exercises with comfort and safety consuming a little space in your home. This workout bench possesses a stronger foot placement to make your leg sturdy. Besides, three adjustable positions help you get your muscle, leg and your body built.

If you have the tension of your weight in time of using any weight bench, you won't be able to exercise well. Adidas Utility Bench has 300 weight capacities which support the weight capacity of your weight. Also, this utility bench has wider backrest covering with soft foam which also provides safety and comfort for you. At last, it is to mention that Adidas Bench has soft foam roller to carry the bench easily. Therefore, considering all the fact, you may use the bench.


  • Three adjustable positions
  • Extra-wide seat & backrest
  • 300 pounds weight capacity
  • Soft foam rollers
  • Sturdy foot placement

Feature Analysis

1. Extra-wide backrest

  • The Adidas Utility Bench has an extra wide backrest to support the user from the back. This wider seat is covered with dense foam which provides safety and comfort for the user.

2. Versatile positions

  • Adidas Workout Bench provides you multiple exercising because it has three adjustable positions.  These versatile positions help you strengthen your body, muscle, leg, and abdomen.

3. Sturdy foot placement

  • Anything sturdy lasts long. This utility bench is designed with stronger foot placement named sturdy foot placement. This sturdy foot placement makes your leg stronger. Also, it is to mention that this sturdy foot placement is covered with foam so that your leg can stay safe.

Pros & Cons

4. Pros

    • Stable
    • Affordable
    • Comfortable
    • Easy assembling
    • Easy setup
    • Sturdy

5. Cons

    • Lightweight

Final Verdict

Adidas Utility Bench is a proper and perfect gym bench for your home because it consumes a little space for set up. Before buying this utility bench, you should know what the bench contains with it. This workout bench has three adjustable positions, wider backrest seat, sturdy foot placement and soft foam roller with 300Ibs weight capacity which make the bench comfortable, sturdy and stable.

Lightweight is an essential feature but not so important that it must have a weight bench. Adidas Utility Bench is a little lightweight, but this doesn't cause any harm to you or the bench. You can use this utility bench easily and comfortably without the feature of lightweight.

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