Ancheer Folding Weight Bench Review

Ancheer Folding Weight Bench

The availability of weight benches has eased the difficulty in weight training. The new advanced and professional weight bench like Ancheer folding weight bench helps to do many workouts easily and effectively.

This adjustable weight bench is well-known for its versatility. Exercises like bench press, incline press, shoulder press, biceps curls, dumbbell fly, triceps extension, bent-over row and much more can easily be done with this single weight bench.

If you want to upgrade your home gym, then we suggest one of the best additions you can make is by including this adjustable folding weight bench. Check out below why we recommend this Ancheer folding weight bench to present at your home gym.

Ancheer Folding Weight Bench Overview

Develop your home gym with the Ancheer Folding Weight Bench, and get ready for an efficient workout routine. For building a better-looking muscular body with extreme workout sessions, you need this weight bench.

This folding weight bench offers seven adjustable positions that help a user to do various workouts. Flat bench, incline and decline press, and shoulder press can be undertaken by doing different adjustments. For triceps and curls extensions it can also be positioned at various angles, making it easier to perform workouts.

The Padded seat and back support will ensure utmost comfort while you do the workout. The folding design allows you save space of your home gym. Let’s go through the whole review and learn what versatility this weight bench is going to offer you.


  • Max load:200 kg/440 lbs
  • Height: 47 cm/18.3 inches to 65 cm / 25.4 inches
  • Ball Diameter: 16 cm/6.2 inches
  • Each Seat Size: 50.5 x 28 x 4.5cm / 19.7 x 11 x 1.8 inch
  • Size: 123 x 30.5 x 65cm / 48 x 11.9 x 25.4 inch
  • Design: Height Adjustable, Folded
  • Color: Black and Red
  • Material: Quality steal, ABS

Feature Analysis

1. Seven adjustable positions

  • This Ancheer Folding Weight Bench comes with seven different adjustable back position in flat, incline and decline positions. You can adjust the positions as per your needs. With these increasing numbers of positions, you can perform almost all the exercises of a weight bench.

2. Quality Construction

  • This bench features memory foam padding which makes it more comfortable for users. The advanced leather materials ensure top quality, durability, and design of the Ancheer adjustable weight bench.

3. Versatile Bench

  • With seven different adjustable back positions, we can call this a versatile one. Exercises like bench press, incline press, shoulder press, biceps curls, dumbbell fly, triceps extension, bent-over row and much more can easily be done with this single weight bench.

4. Space-Saving Design

  • One of the important features that maximum home gym owner like that; this adjustable workout weight bench features folding weight bench which meant you could easily fold it in a corner after the workout session. Thus, it saves gym space.

Pros & Cons

5. Pros

    • Versatile bench
    • Easy to install and use
    • Space saving design
    • Affordable price
    • Comfort bench

6. Cons

    • Assembly instructions not very easy

Final Verdict

This Ancheer Folding Weight Bench brand allows you to perform a full-body workout so you can build your shape whatever you want. This versatile weight bench lets you perform a series of exercises to target specific muscle groups in a tiny space at your home gym. You can easily do fat-burning and muscle-building workouts right in the comfort of your own home with this high-performing utility weight bench.

One thing we noticed about this Ancheer Folding Weight Bench weight bench that the setup instructions are feebly outlined, though the bench is easy to set up. We suggest if you are not familiar with the gym instruments then you can hire professionals for the first setup.

Lastly, a home gym is not complete without a tough, adjustable weight bench. It is an important piece of equipment. So apply your rational judgment and choose the best one according to your needs.

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