Different Types of Boxing Bags

Different Types of Boxing Bags

You want to be a boxer, right? Nothing wrong in it. Now, you need a good boxing bag for regular practices. But, which one to choose? There are different types suitable for boxing and martial arts training. Boxing bags are also called punching bags. Punching these bags reinforces and conditions your tendons and bones by withstanding the force of impact. This article will guide you to know about all the different types of boxing bags.

Different Types of Boxing Bags

The Heavy Boxing Bags

The heavy boxing bags are made of leather or vinyl and are stuffed with sand, water, or some other element. The weight of these bags is between 50 and 100 pounds. Generally, boxers use these bags for building their punching power and improving their boxing technique. If you are a martial artist, they can help you develop all the traits you want such as speed, endurance, form, and power.


The most fun part of these boxing bags is that you can pound on it anytime you want. It won’t pound back on you! You can shake all your frustration and agony by punching or pounding on it. There are a few varieties of heavy boxing bags:

Free Standing Punching Bags

Freestanding boxing bags are placed on something which has wheels for portability. You can move it without using too much effort. Moreover, standing boxing bags are also great for kicking workouts and martial art training. This punching bag stands on its center of gravity. Thus, if you kick the bag, it would not affect the position of the wheeled part it stands on. You can also punch it from every direction. So, it has an all-around option.

Hanging Heavy Bags

Hanging boxing bags provide you with a ground space as you can mount them on walls or hang them with ceilings. They are the best variety of heavy bags for small workout rooms because it saves the ground space. They are for only punching workouts; you might not want to kick them to hurt your legs or other parts of the body.

Angled Heavy Bags

This type of heavy bags is quite similar to the hanging bags, but the surface of these bags is angled. This feature allows you to practice uppercuts on a heavier bag to be more efficient at this particular move. However, they are also good for kicking practices for martial arts. These bags are also called upper-cut boxing bags.

The Speed Boxing Bags

Speed boxing bags are small and lightweight bags that are air-filled and hung from a ricochet platform parallel to the ground. Speed boxing bags will help you build up your arm strength for dazzling punching power. Practicing with these bags will also help you keep your hands up throughout a long fight. To put the cherry on top, practicing with these speed boxing bags develops your hand-eye coordination and teaches you how to shift your body weight between your feet when punching. These bags are available in different sizes:

  • Large: 13”x10” – for repeated slow punching
  • Medium: 11”x8” – for repeated punching
  • Small: 6”x4” – for repeated fast punching


The Double-end Boxing Bags

The double-end boxing bags are distinctive because of their frequent use in a variety of martial arts disciplines and practices. Double-end boxing bags are generally small and inflatable. These bags are generally made of vinyl or leather.


You need to hang this type of a bag vertically in the air binding it to an elastic cord that holds it between the ceiling and the floor. Unlike the heavy boxing bags, double-end boxing bags will particularly help you develop skill, speed, timing, and precision with your punches.

The Teardrop Boxing Bags

The teardrop boxing bags are outstanding for developing your punching power. These bags are wider and heavier than the speed bags. These two features help you with speed and hand-eye coordination also. You need to punch these bags much harder to move their weight around. They are used for the next level of speed bag practices. Exercise physiology suggests that you use these bags after getting acquainted with the speed bags first.

The Maize Boxing Bags

This type of boxing bags has a unique and innovative design. They are generally used to enhance your head movement technique. However, you can also utilize them for developing your hooks and uppercut punches. You might like them since they swing well.


These are the basic types of boxing bags that are available on the market. The Everlast punching bags make all these varieties of boxing bags. There are other varieties of boxing bags you might find if you search deep, but I think you don’t need to. These boxing bags are more than enough to train to be a good boxer.

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