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Benches Review Announces Community Service Scholarship 2018

At Benches Review, our entire community values education and looks forward to helping those through this community service scholarship 2018 for enabling them to meet their educational expenses. Schooling can be a great expense, and it can often be hard for students or their families to afford to what we call standard education. We know we cannot find a way out for everyone. But, it’s in our belief that our effort can be of help to at least one of those who need it and hold true zeal for fitness.

Alongside the regular expenses for accommodation, foods, books, tuition, and other supplies, attending a graduate college or institute can become a hard-to-get facility. In an unselfish effort to make this a little less challenging for students/families, we feel relieved to have been able to offer an annual $1,000 scholarship to one of those who are currently studying or planning on getting an admission into any accredited US college/ graduate institute.

Since we are heavily concentrated on fitness workouts, having intense interest in fitness and the different tools that are essential to success in workouts is one of our favorite pastimes.

Eligibility Criteria

We invite all applicants to come up with their writing skills. Each applicant has to submit a write-up consisting of 750+ words that primarily focuses on a wide array of topics from as specific as weight benches for fitness goals to as inclusive as anything relevant to the daily workout needs. In order to be able to get selected, every applicant must submit an original work of his/her own. The work can be anything in between a research article, a story, or a blog article that has information and value for those who love to use weight benches and do workouts with similar other equipment and tools.

Application Guidelines

  • Applicants have to email their applications to in word format (.doc / .docx) as links to any PDF/Google Docs/website/blog or any online sources will not be disregarded.
  • Applicants should mention their name, contact address, and valid phone number in the application.
  • Applicants should also mention the name of their current educational institute or the ones they’re planning to attend.

What do we review?

After the end of the application deadline, we will judge and review the content considering the following criteria:

  • Responsiveness to the topic/question/discussion
  • Grammar and writing style
  • Resourceful and original or not
  • The argument/statement being persuasiveness or not
  • Citations and facts

Selection of the winner

The winner will be announced on (DATE). Once we have selected the winner of our community service scholarship 2018; we approach the applicant via email and formal letter to inform him/her of the date of the transaction. It might take 3-5 business days for us to finalize.