Soozier Adjustable Bench Review

Soozier Adjustable Bench

Do you feel that you are a badly in need of a weight bench as a serious fitness worker? Well, you have access to using the Soozier Adjustable Bench to support your exercises following your desire on account of having this home gym bench multi-positioning back pad and safeguard with space transforming ability to provide you safety and multi-exercise to build your body perfectly.

Maybe, you are already in search of a weight bench which possesses easy positioning and transportation with the more comfortable assembling feature. In this regard, this folded up weight bench claims to be your choice for being easily assembling and easily positioning with having the transportation wheel. Also, this flat bench is highly space saving. Considering these aspects, the truth of this utility bench has been shared in Soozier Adjustable Bench Review.

Soozier Adjustable Bench Overview

While creating this true evaluation about this utility weight bench, we found that the bench is very comfortable with a dependable weight capacity which supports you providing safety during exercising with it. Because of having space transforming capacity, this incline decline weight bench provides you transforming every single space to personal space which makes an easier exercise. Again, the manufacturer has designed this fitness bench to be a reliable weight capacity weight bench which makes you tension free in the time of exercising with it.

Along with this, this bench press bench covers multi-positional exercises with providing a foldable system to make this utility bench easily transportable. Probably, you can get a complete muscle-building workout and transform any space into a personal free weight fitness centre with Soozier because of having space transforming system with easily assembling the system.


  • Colour: Silver/Black (Silver frame/Black cushion)
  • Material: Steel, Multi-Plywood, PVC, EPE Foam
  • Back Pad: 30.5"L x 12"W (Top 10.7"W) 2-1/4" Thick
  • Seat Pad: 12.5"L x 12"W (Inner 11") 2" Thick
  • Weight Capacity: 330lbs
  • Weight: 48lbs
  • Folded: 54.5"L x 17"W x 9.5"H

Feature Analysis

1. Multi-Positioning

  • This utility Bench has been manufactured with the design of multi-positioning seat and back pad including flat, incline, and decline to support you getting a versatile exercise.

2. Easy Transportation

  • Soozier adjustable bench has transportation wheel to provide you easier transportation. Also, this utility bench is highly space saving for being foldable.

3. Safeguard

  • The incline decline weight bench is designed to possess safeguard to protect the floor and also prevent this utility bench from skidding.

4. Easy operation

  • The Soozier adjustable bench is manufactured with easy operation for having the folding system, space saving mode and easy assembling to help you use the bench safely.

Pros & Cons

5. Pros

    • Safe weigh capacity
    • Multi-positioning
    • Affordable
    • Stable bench
    • Comfortable

6. Cons

    • Hard positioning bolt

Final Verdict

This utility weight bench has multi-positioning seat and pad, durable and long-lasting life for steel construction, and comfortable and safe usage for higher user’s weight capacity including easy operation, safeguard, easy transportation and easy assembling with a folding system which saves space. Also, in time of creating this review we noticed; a special feature is needed to mention Soozier Adjustable Bench Review.

As far as we have learned about this incline decline bench that this utility bench is designed to be multi-positional bench. For being multi-positional, hard positioning bolt problem appears in front of us in time of changing the position. Providing that you have ever experienced any weight bench with multi-positional exercise, you can easily change the position otherwise you have to follow the changing strategies to avoid this problem. Without this problem, this incline decline bench is worth using.

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