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Ododos Yoga Pants Review for Female Yoga Lovers

Most of the people love the idea of incorporating physical, mental and spiritual practices in this spiritual science of self-realization. But they don’t know where to get the kick-start to delve into yoga realm. A good pair of yoga pants can provide you with the impetus to start practicing yoga right away. Ododos yoga pants are believed to have the quality of the perfect wearing that the exerciser needs. This is one of the prominent yoga clothing brands. Keep reading this review to know more about Ododos yoga pants for female.

The specialty of a pair of new yoga pants lies in the elasticity, comfort, and moisture absorbing capability. Without having any of these, the yoga pants will be considered a bad purchase. We’re here to ensure you the worth of your money. Hope you can decide whether to buy Ododos Yoga Pants or not after completing the full review.

Key Features of Ododos Yoga Pants

There are a few renowned yoga clothing brands available at the marketplaces. Let’s find out if the key features of these yoga pants can help Ododos stand tall among them.

1. Material Composition

A pair of these yoga pants comes in two material compositions. One composition comprises 87%Polyester and 13%Spandex, and the other contains 87%Nylon and 13%Spandex. This mixture of different two different elements can make the fabric more comfortable and functional.

2. 4 way Stretch & Non-See-through Fabric

Yoga exercises involve stretching of legs extensively and free body movement. A non-stretch fabric will do no good to the user. And transparent clothing is troublesome during exercises. Ododos uses a 4 way Stretch & Non-See-through Fabric to deal with these issues.

3. Dry-Wicking and Anti-Microbial

Sweating during yoga practices is a great problem to deal with. Ododos claims that these flex pants are made from quality materials capable of absorbing the moisture from the body and maximizing the comfort of the yogis. The fabric is also anti-microbial to prevent microbial diseases.

4. Flatlock stitch, outside pocket, Triangle crotch Gussets

This key feature is all about the build quality. These pair of pants has flatlock stitch to make the joints strong. The triangle crotch Gussets help a yogi stretch out the legs without compromising any accidental tear. An outside pocket comes handy to keep light things like a cellphone and other small accessories with the users.

5. 100% Full Money-back Guarantee

This company advertises a 100% full money-back guarantee offer. If the user isn’t happy with the products, he can get the full money refunded within 30 days of the purchase. This will not work if the product gets damaged by the user herself.


  • Colors: Multiple Colors
  • Material: 87%Polyester/13%Spandex, 87%Nylon/13%Spandex
  • Type: Yoga Pants
  • Ideal for: Yoga Practitioners, General Uses (limited)
  • Size: Multiple Sizes
  • Microbial Type: Anti-Microbial
  • Stretch Type: 4 Way Stretch
  • Pocket Type: Outside Pocket


  • Moisture absorbing ability
  • Four-way stretchable fabric
  • Effective out pocket
  • Anti-microbial attribute
  • Durable and less likely to tear
  • Multiple sizes and colors


  • Color sizing varies
  • Darker colors may attract pet hair

Whom is Ododos Yoga Pants ideal for?

This type of pants is, of course, not meant for regular uses. You can wear this product while practicing yoga at home on your yoga mat or at any institution. But, there’s no hard and fast rulebook about it. You can wear these pants while touring, buying grocery or eating in restaurants too. These yoga pants are suitable for both the beginner and trainer. So, don’t hesitate to wear them if it’s your first day ay yoga and you don’t even know what yoga is.

Our findings

I had doubt in my mind about the quality of these pants. Finally, I wanted to order one to figure out all those advertised features of Ododos Yoga Pants. My findings are as follows.

1. Contour-Fit Pants

I was amazed at the thick, soft and stretchy fabric material of these pants. They have awesome elasticity and strong flatlock stitches that fit the contour of the legs and hips. There comfortable to wear. I put this thing to the test while running and bending. It worked just fine. On top of that, the underwear isn’t visible all the way. But I have felt that it’s better to buy an immediate smaller size than the actual size you fit. The pants will get loosened up after a few long wears.

2. Great Outside Pocket and Dry-wicking

The outside pocket works great exactly as advertised by the manufacturer. I went on a run keeping my smartphone and car keys in the pocket. The pocket holds perfectly without creating any considerable problem. I sweated heavily in the meantime, but the pants absorbed the moisture before I knew it. these are really dry-wicking.

3. Price

It comes with an affordable price compared to other yoga clothing brands. The money is worth spending as you will be benefitted by these pants.

How to store yoga pants?

Yoga pants absorb a good amount of sweat whenever you wear them. So, it’s essential to wash the pants very well after every wear. Tight-fitting garments tend to gather bacteria and yeast spores quickly from the body. Leaving them in damp and unattended condition increases the chance to grow more bacteria. So, wash these yoga pants regularly and keep it dry always. Yoga pants have synthetic materials in it. you should wash these pants in cold water and let them air dry without exposing to blow dryer. Apply a high-quality detergent and wash the pants gently. Organize the pants in the wardrobe for further uses.

Customers’ Feedbacks

This product got more than 5,500 reviews on Amazon. That surely proves the popularity of these pants. It has an overall 4.2/5 rating stars. So there are some complaints too. The satisfied people are praising the fabric quality, comfort, pocket facility, and the contour fitting ability highly. On the contrary, some buyers have got holes in the shipped product and got no response from the customer service officials. Some has bought a few pairs of different colors but found that the size

Our Final Thoughts

Yoga is a way to make a bridge between body and mind involving both physical exercises and spiritualism. So, comfort is the main prerequisite of having great mental health while practicing yoga exercises.

We have found out that, these yoga pants are nicely designed with high-quality materials to make the yogis feel as comfortable as they can. The build quality of these pants enables the user to perform at the best level. The fabric contours to the body having four-way stretching adjustability and absorb moisture effectively. I recommend using Ododos yoga pants to the yogis. But choosing the best size remains the greatest challenge in this regard. You won’t have a streamlined look with the wrong sized one.

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