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Under Armour Men’s T-shirt Review – Comfortable Workout Clothes

Under Armour Men's T-shirt Review

The Under Armour is known for men’s t-shirt for over many years. They produce one of the most quick-drying fabrics that are ultra-soft and feel natural. The Under Armour Men’s T-shirt uses the HeatGear technology for drying the t-shirt faster. This ensures your focus even when you’re doing an intense workout. This 100% polyester fabric also incorporates an anti-odor technology that prevents the odor-causing microbes from growing. You won’t feel any chafing due to the raglan design and the flat seaming. Read this review to know whether this shirt is made for you or not.

Key Features of Under Armour Men’s T-shirt

The features of UA Men’s T-shirt are discussed in the following section.

1. Full polyester construction

A synthetic fiber like polyester doesn’t wear down as cotton and is more flexible and resilient. Due to the t-shirt’s polyester construction, it doesn’t produce any shrinkage or wrinkles. Polyester dries quickly which makes it desirable in both hot and cool weather.

2. Fast drying material

Polyester doesn’t only offer a comfortable, flexible and easy to maintain garment, it also wicks the body sweat very fast and dries quickly. The UA Tech’s Moisture Transport System takes the sweat away from the body within minutes.

3. HeatGear Technology

This is a technology invented by the Under Armour. This technology makes the super-breathable fabric to regulate the body temperature after sucking the sweat away. This will give you a cooler, lighter and drier fabric experience that’s pretty much unique to the UA.

4. Anti-odor technology

The UA uses the anti-odor technology which prevents the odor-causing microbes from growing. This ensures an odor-free garment even after a heavy workout.

5. Natural feel

Since the UA t-shirts are made of quick-drying and ultra-soft material, they give off a natural feel.


  • Product Dimensions: 1”x1”x1”
  • Type: T-shirt
  • Material: Polyester
  • Fabric Technology: HeatGear, Anti-odor
  • Model Number: 1228539
  • Item Weight: 1pound
  • Color: Available in 7 different colors
  • Size: Available in 9 different sizes
  • Fit: Fuller cut


  • Ultra-soft and breathable fabric
  • Perfect fitting
  • Wicks any unwanted moisture and sweat quickly
  • Easily washable
  • Comes with the anti-odor and HeatGear technology
  • Available in different colors and sizes


  • The customer often receives the wrong colored t-shirt
  • Some of the shirts have fraying seam and rough stitch

Whom is Under Armour Men’s T-shirt ideal for?

The T-shirts are ideal to wear in the hot summer days since they dry out so quickly. Whereas cotton t-shirts can cause discomfort during the summer heat, this polyester t-shirt vaporizes the sweat and eliminates any possibility of discomfort. Most people use it for working out or sporting during the summer. It doesn’t generate any smell like the other t-shirts of the same material. Here are some fitness components you might be looking for if you’re going in for an exercise routine.

Our Findings

We’ve bought the Under Armour Men’s T-shirts for ourselves and here’s what we’ve found out.

1. Performance

We bought the t-shirts for running and working out. The shirts are really lightweight and soft. They fit exactly as they advertised and had the elasticity to them that we really like. Unlike the other fast-drying shirts, they don’t hold in any smell.

We also did some outside work wearing the t-shirts, and we were able to enjoy the breeze outside through them. There’s no visible perspiration stain on the fabric like cotton t-shirts. Moreover, it’s easy to wash.

The only drawback of this wonderful t-shirt is that it tends to tighten a bit on the shoulder blades areas.

2. Usability

You don’t have to do much to enjoy wearing this t-shirt. Once you get an Under Armour t-shirt, you can be sure that using it is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do. Since it doesn’t hold in any sweat or generate any stain, you don’t have to care for the wash to get off the odor or the stain. You can casually use it and let it dry for a while after use.

3. Price

The Under Armour t-shirts are pretty reasonable, considering it’s an Under Armour shirt. They might cost a little higher than other sporting t-shirts, but they’re worth it in terms of performance and durability.

How to wash the Under Armor Men’s T-shirt

  • Turn the t-shirt inside out, so the bacteria from the sweat gets a good wash
  • Don’t use too much detergent or it’ll leave a soap residue on the clothes which will lock the odor
  • Use sports detergent or booster with the normal detergent
  • Don’t mix it with clothes like a towel, jeans or sweatshirts
  • Don’t use fabric softener since it adds a layer of coating to the clothing and traps the bacteria that causes odor
  • Only use cold water for washing, or you may air dry the t-shirt

Customers’ Feedbacks

The customers are pleased to buy this t-shirt. They praise the material on the garment, its breathability, and its heat resistant and anti-odor technology. They’ve also talked about the lightness and the thinness of the product which add to their functionality. The customers have mostly appreciated its no sweat and no odor performance. They always remain cool while using this t-shirt.

However, some of the customers have complained about receiving the wrong colored shirt. They got their replacement after they’ve complained to the manufacturer. Some customers have complained about the tag that it is positioned in an unusual place.

Our Final Thoughts

We’ve discussed the Under Armour Men’s T-shirt in details in this review. Now we will give our verdict on the product.

If you want to buy a t-shirt for sporting, athletics or gym, remember to keep these t-shirts at your top priority. Even if you aren’t buying these t-shirts for any reason from the above, you can always go for them for comfort and style. The ultra-soft, thin and light fabric will make sure that your summer days are remarkable and you can enjoy the breeze through the t-shirt.

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