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Xmark Fitness Power Tower Review

Xmark XM-4432 VKR Vertical Pull Up Station Review

If you are into bodyweight training, you need a Dip and Pull-up Station to get fit. It is an ideal equipment for your home gym. You will be able to engage your major muscle groups in a variety of body weight training including your pull up workouts. You can do AB curls, dips, chin-ups, pull-ups, squats, sit-ups, knee tucks, leg raises and a variety of other workouts without an outdoor pull up station which you need to get out of your home.

If you want for a power machine something like that, there is the XMark XM-4432 vertical knee raise Pull up Station with Bar Dips for your Chin up or Pull up exercises. It comes with excellent load capacity, and the size is suitable for your home gym especially if you have a little floor space. In this review, we are highlighting on this model to educate you. Eventually, we would like to have a buying recommendation to do you a favor.

The XMark XM-4432 VKR Vertical Knee Raise with Dip and Pull-up Station Explained

The XMark XM-4432 Pull up station takes up ample space to set up and use it. The dimensions are 59” deep by 23” wide by 10” tall and more than 40 kgs of weight, and it is a large unit which takes up ample space in the floor. The mainframe is made of durable 14-gauge steel for rigid support. It has vertical knee raise, push up, sit-up, dip stations which will not bend or break under heavy load since the load capacity is 350 pounds.

The leg raise station is comfortable to use thanks to 2.5-inch very thick back cushion and armrest. The power station has a high-density dura guard vinyl cushion. This is double stitched making them tear resistant. Both its push-up and dip handles are rubberized for to non-slip grip. The pull-up bar place focuses on the arms and upper back. Its high push-up handles work on the chest. Plus, the vertical knee raise power tower improves the abs muscles and strengthen the core. Double dip handlebars come with a comfortable design to help offer a great dip training session to make arms and shoulders stronger.


  • Dimensions: 59-in x 23-in x 10-in
  • Weight: 98 lbs. (approx.)
  • Color: Gray; White
  • Model Number: XM-4432-WHITE
  • Mainframe: 14-gauge steel
  • Cushion Thickness: 2.5-in
  • Cushion Longevity: Dura-Guard Vinyl/Double Stitched
  • Load capacity: 350 lb.
  • Finish Powder: Coat
  • Protection: Scratch Resistant
  • Floor Protection: Skid Resistant Rubberized Feet
  • Warranty: Lifetime


  • The sit-up stations come with 5-position adjustable foot bar pads
  • Pushup handles have rubber grips for non-skid performance
  • A wide range of workouts targeting the core muscles and upper body parts
  • 14-gauge steel construction provides durability even under heavy loads
  • Assemble of this pull-up station is easy and quick
  • Up to 350 pounds of load capacity ensures greater weight support


  • The Padded Handle Bars of this power tower are of poor quality, and it has an overly thin Dip Bars

Whom is Xmark XM-4432 VKR for?

It is a home gym arrangement for exercisers who are looking for a total body workout. While using mainly their body weight, they can work for several key muscle groups, for example, biceps, triceps, chest or pecs, deltoids, lats, quads, glutes and core section in a choice of pull ups exercises or other forms as a part of total body fit-up training or resistance drill.

Our Remarks

To sum up, the XMark XM-4432 Dip Pull Up Station is a strong power tower. This is also a stable VKR machine. If you are keen on setting up additional equipment in your home gym, this could be an ideal option. There are hundreds of such machines available out there in the market. For example, the Weider Power Tower is one of the most popular stations out there. The dimensions are narrower than that of the XMark XM-4432. It holds the “Amazon’s Choice” tag meaning the best value for your price. But its load capacity pulls it down which is 50 pounds lesser than XM-4432. But it cuts a lower price.

Again, there is also Body Power’s Multi-Functional Power Tower which is lightweight at 85.8 pounds and has narrower dimensions measuring at 48.5 x 48 x 82 inches. But, this model is quite expensive – about twice the price of XM-4432 Dip and Pull- up Station. Overall it ultimately goes down to your needs which power machine suits you. Considering everything in our mind, we would recommend the XM-4432 Dip and Pull-up Station by XMark.

Common Questions and Answers

Question: Is it rigid enough when attempted to do pull-ups? Does this item shake when in use?

Answer: This machine is rigid enough to take loads up to 350 pounds. So, it can withstand under heavy loads of pressure. It will move in no way if the floor is equally leveled.

Question: Is this machine foldable in any way?

Answer: This pull up station is a fixed unit. You cannot fold it up for storage. After putting together, its height is almost 7 feet and 6 inches. Thus, it occupies quite a great space.

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