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Bear Komplex 3 Hole Hand Grips Review

Bear Komplex 3 Hole Finger Less Hand Grips Reviewed

Are you mentally ready for the fitness training with weights? In order to strengthen the muscles, you need to start exercising with the weights. The hand grips are important fact for lifting weights. Bear Komplex with the leather hand grip cover the palm and is able to make your weight training comfortable. What, you may ask is it prepared for heavy training or amateur level training let’s try to find out the answer.

Bear Komplex 3 Hole Hand Grips Explained

Bear Komplex has got both the two hole and three hole hand grips in their product line. Both the grip works fine. It depends on the training type and your need which one should become your all-time training support. What we find usual is 3 hole hand grips covers more area of your palm so when you are trying to make sure the palms remain softer and burn free you need the 3 hole hand grips. If you use the 3 hole Bear komplex hand grip, you are covering a great area of your palm, and it may become also a problem for the persons who have smaller palms. The most enjoying part of this grip is the leather pad.

The leather pad is really great to take on all the load of your weight. It does not tear off that easy like other fabrics and keeps your palm safe. Also, if you have the palm sweating problem, it can soak the moisture. After getting the grip dry it may feel a bit hard, but still, it’s comfortable. Another great thing about using this leather CrossFit hand protection is it gets molded with your palm after using for some sessions. When it comes in shape of your palm, it becomes really comfortable for a user.


  • Brand: Bear KompleX
  • Colors: available Black, Grey, Tan
  • Holes in the grip: 3
  • Wrist strap type: Hook and loop
  • Quantity: 2
  • Material: Leather, Suede


  • Gives better control over the weights
  • Protects the palm from burning due to weight lifting
  • After using a grip, there is less chance to slip on the bar
  • Suitable for various weight training and gymnastics equipment bars
  • Leather grips suitable for the hands and also gives the perfect grip


  • Need to use chalk powder for proper pull-up hand grips if not enough grained even after the use

Whom is Bear Komplex 3 Hole Finger Less Hand Grips for?

This is a perfect gymnastics grip with the leather protection on the palm. There is no real heavy weight training which can become comfortable with the use of this grip. If you are now on the freehand session, then it can be helpful for your pull-ups to avoid the burning of your hand palm.

What if you do the training in a hard way with the weights? All the hard exercise like kettlebell swing, powerlifting, deadlifts become safe and comfortable with the use of a hand grip. How it becomes safe? It becomes safer because of the anti-slip feature of the grips. It can be assured that if you are focused on the training, then after using the hand grips there is no real chance to slip off the weights and get injured all of a sudden.

Our Remarks

When you are searching for the gymnastics hand grips, Bear complex hand grips should be the name that comes first in mind. The leather pad of this 3 hole hand grip makes sure your palms remain unhurt, no matter how hard you go with the weights and bars. Many of the users like the grips that come with a full finger, which also protects the finger. This fingerless grip also gives you the proper grip and helps you to perform the best.


Question: Is there any special purpose for the 2 hole or 3 hole hand grips?
Answer: Not actually, there is no real difference in both of them. It’s just a case of preference, some of the athletes like to use the 2 hole grips, but most of the users like to use the 3 hole grips.
Question: For lifting the weights which kind of grip would you prefer? Full finger, half finger or fingerless?
Answer: It depends mostly on the user. You may find people who do not use grips at all. If you use the full fingered grips, it may help you to keep the fingers safe from burning because of the weight lifting.

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