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15 Benefits of Working Out at Home! | Benchesreview

Written by Michael Benedict
Last Update: March 11, 2022

If your schedule keeps you super busy all year round but you still want to reap the health benefits that regular exercise has to offer, you’ve no other way but to work out at home.

What benefits can you expect if you avoid the gym? We’re here to help you weigh the benefits!

Benefits of Working Out at Home

Benefits of Working Out at Home

1. Cost-effective

Gym membership can be costly nowadays. In addition, you may need to invest in commuting if your gym is far from your home/work. Working out at home can save all that money.

Now, you may argue that setting up a home gym isn’t free either, right? Well, you are partially correct. However, you’ll be free from paying the membership, parking fee, and travel cost every month once you set your training environment at home.

What’s more? You can also find cheap alternatives to expensive gym equipment, cutting your cost even further.

2. Time-saving

One of the biggest excuses for not going is not having enough time and we’re all guilty of it.

I get that you don’t want to go to the gym commuting for about half an hour, especially on a dull/gloomy day. Setting up your own environment at home can save you all that trouble.

You don’t need to put on gym clothes, get ready or travel a long distance if your home is the gym. It will save you both time and effort.

3. Better flexibility

Not everything always goes as we plan, right? You’ll need the flexibility that your home environment provides on days like those.

Setting up a home workout environment will give you the flexibility to work out whenever you want, and however you want. The key to a healthy lifestyle is consistency and home-gym is a great way to ensure that.

You’ll no longer need to depend on the operating hours of your gym. You’re in full control now.

4. Pandemic-proof exercise

The process of working out is sweaty, and sweat never comes alone. Additionally, due to the recent pandemic, all major health regulatory organizations have urged people to work out at home.

Most public gathering places, including your fitness center, are going through some levels of restrictions and that affects many of our workout schedule.

Working out at home not only keeps you from getting exposed to germs, but it also helps you to be consistent with your progress.

The home gym will allow you to have a safe workout session every time.

5. Privacy

All the working equipment your gym provides are open for anyone to use and that can be bothersome to people like me, who don’t like the crowd so much.

That’s not all. Most people are judgemental. They can and will judge you based on your fashion sense, appearance, fitness level, and every other aspect imaginable.

The private environment of your home gym can save you from all that. Not only is all the equipment exclusively yours, no one will be there to judge you as you work towards a healthy lifestyle.

If eyes observing your moves gives you a headache and serenity is what you are rooting for, there is nothing better than working out at your home.

6. Working out with nearest ones

Just like how strangers watching you workout can make you uncomfortable, having your friends and family around can do the complete opposite.

This happens because you know those people are there for you and won’t judge you. Not only can you be yourself among them, but they can also inspire you on your health journey.

Work out at home, with your friends and family involved and the whole working out will become even more fun and engaging. This will also build better relationships.

Don’t forget, part of being healthy is developing a like minded community and your family can be a big help here.

7. More comfortable

Walking into a new environment full of strangers can be intimidating to many people, and you can’t give your 100% if you are not comfortable.

Home environment offers much more comfort than any fitness center in the world. Many of you know, even the song playing in the background can be distracting sometimes, right?

With home gym, you don’t need to think about what to wear, when you’ll get your chance, who is creeping at you from far, how messy you look, and so many other distracting thoughts that can hamper your progressive session.

8. A variety of options

Your muscles will grow better to be challenged with new movements.

When you work out at home, you can perform a variety of exercises including walking, running the stairs, cycling, and many more.

9. Total freedom

In the gym, you have to follow many rules such as being on time in a fitness class, maintaining a serial for using equipment, and many more.

But you will have enough freedom at your home. You won’t maintain any obligation.

10. No dress-up codes

You will get enough freedom to work out by wearing your preferred outfits at your home gym.

But you can’t wear whatever you want in the gym due to their obligations.

11. No excuses

When you work out in the gym, you will miss many sessions due to excuses in your daily life.

In most fitness centers, you have to be on time for fitness classes. Once you have missed the session, you have to wait for the next session.

But if you work out at home, you will minimize excuses that let you miss from doing exercise.

If you miss the pre-scheduled time by any chance, you won’t have to worry because you can work out at home anytime you feel comfortable.

12. No rush

When you work out at home, there is no one who is waiting for you to complete your reps so he can use your equipment.

You can perform at your own pace. In fact, there is no rush at your home gym. Everything will go in your own way.

13. No competitions

At the home gym, you will compete with yourself. You will make a comparison of how perfectly you did today compared to the previous day.

When you are in competition with yourself, you will experience fast improvement.

14. Better control on your food preferences

You will be able to consume healthy and natural foods, avoiding highly processed items.

So it will be better for your health.

15. Vitamin D

At home, you can exercise outside, which is a great way of enjoying the fresh air.

You will not only improve your fitness, but you’ll increase your Vitamin D levels too.

Your immune system will be much stronger.

How to make time to exercise out of your busy schedule?

  • Select an appropriate place for exercise at home
  • Create a schedule at your convenient time
  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Be committed to maintaining the schedule on a regular basis
  • Can start your day with workouts or can perform it at any time you feel comfortable
  • Set alarms to get reminders for working out
  • Set realistic exercise goals to achieve, which will help you to stay focused
  • Join the online community to stay focused and motivated

Types of Home Exercises

Types of Home Exercises

1. Flexibility

Flexibility exercises provide freedom of movement and stretch the muscles. and give freedom of movement.

These exercises will improve your flexibility instead of increasing endurance.

Frog stretch, triceps stretch, and seated stretch are examples of flexibility workouts.

2. Aerobic

Aerobic exercises include cardiovascular activities, for example, walking, running, jumping rope, and swimming.

By doing these exercises, you can maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system.

3. Anaerobic

Anaerobic exercises are usually done for a short interval but with high intensity.

These workouts improve both physical and mental health. Moreover, you can promote metabolism that aids weight loss by performing these exercises.

Sprints, weight lifting, and high-intensity interval training are some of the popular anaerobic exercises that you can perform at home.

7 Beginners-Friendly Exercises

1. Lunge

The lunge is more enjoyable on the go. So it’s better to add a few lunges into your everyday workout routine.

Perceive the number of sets you can perform. By performing lunges regularly, your thighs will improve and it will also increase the overall strength of your legs.

2. Step Up

Steps up done on your stairs or an entryway patio bench is an incredible method for improving your leg muscles. By performing this exercise, you can enhance your overall balance.

3. Push Up

Push-ups are a great exercise to improve arms and chest even without the gym or with barely any fitness equipment.

There are a wide variety of push-ups out there. By performing push-ups, you can improve your entire upper body.

These mostly help to develop strength and muscle in your chest and arms.

4. Leg Kickback

Leg kickbacks are a perfect exercise that strengthens your rear.

Start down on the ground and gradually raise and lower one leg multiple times (around 15 to 20 reps).

Repeat the same with another leg.

5. Bridge

Bridges are one of the most exciting exercises that you perform at home.

You will never get bored due to its many variations.

It’s better to perform 20 reps daily or more if you need to burn the expected calories.

6. Sit-ups or crunches

These are amazingly popular exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

You can start with around 10 to 15 reps, and increase the set gradually, depending on your improvement.

7. Plank

Planks are an isometric core strength exercise, which involves maintaining the body position similar to the push-up for the maximum possible time.

Multiple variants are available such as reverse planks, and side planks that you can perform at home with hardly any gear.


1. How often do you really need to work out?

Ans. According to “The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans”, the time you need to work out will depend on your age and other physical conditions.

2. Where can I find free resources to help me stay active at home?

Ans.  Google is always a great option to find any resources. You can find many popular blogs through google.

YouTube is also one of the most useful platforms that offer free resources.

You also can join various online forums such as “Cathe Friedrich Fitness Forums”, “Nerd Fitness Forum”, “Bodybuilding Forums”, and many more.

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