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Core Prodigy Fit Grips Review – Thick Bar Weight Lifting Big Grips

Fit grips 2.0 thick fat bar training lets you increase the outside diameter of curl bars, resistance bands, dumbbells, push up bars, pull up bars and cable attachments for thick bar training. By increasing the size of the bar or by enabling fat grip, this brings more isolation on your forearms, biceps, and triceps. As a result, you get an effective grip training.

Let us have a look at the specifications of Core Prodigy Fit Grips to have more detailed information about this.

Feature Analysis of Core Prodigy Fit Grips

1. Cross-stitch grip

Core Prodigy Fit Grips provides a unique cross-stitch grip design which enables a safe and stronghold.

2. Durability

This is long lasting. It is made with dense non-slip military grade silicone that resists extreme wear and tear and allows years of maintenance free use.

3. Material and quality

The fat grip is made of high-density silicon. This provides high quality.


  • Diameter 2.0” Outside diameter with a 1″ inside diameter
  • Length 4 5/6 inches long
  • Color Yellow
  • Warranty Lifetime warranty


  • Easy to locate
  • Easy to attach
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to use


  • Grips are large for some people

Our Remarks

Some people do not find the grip large enough to be comfortable, but this is just a rare phenomenon. So, you do not need to worry too much about that, because most of the customers find this fit grip comfortable.

Another mentionable advantage of buying this product is that you get a lifetime warranty. If you ever face a problem with it, take it to them, and they will fix the problem or replace it.

Hopefully, our review was enough to provide you enough information about Core Prodigy Fat Grips and helped you to make the best choice.

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