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Black Mountain Products Heavy Duty Stand Review

Black Mountain Dip Station Review

You are enough concerned about the fitness, but it’s tough to spare some time for the gym. Why aren’t you bringing a dip station to your backyard to make sure the workout is on? The black mountain comes with a superb dip station that can take on about 3000 lbs which gives the users the confidence to give 100% while riding on it. Now let’s discuss how this simple works and how it can help the fitness conscious people.


  • Dimensions: 35? x 22? x 37?
  • Weight :26 lbs
  • Height: 39? (90 cm)
  • Capacity: 3000 lbs.
  • Material: Steel
  • Warranty: Lifetime


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Soft foam grip on the handle makes the workout comfortable
  • A Lightweight exercising gear
  • Simple but effective tool for burning fat
  • Helps to improve lean muscles
  • Portable design makes the workout easier anywhere


  • Users often find it hard to assemble because of its hard bars

Black Mountain Products Heavy Duty Stand Explained

For many of us it might look simple collaboration of some steel bars, but for a fitness conscious people, it is of great use. Black mountain uses high-grade steel bar that makes it able to take on about 3000 lbs which means no specify concern how hard you try this simple looking dip station is there always.

If you think what’s the benefit of using this tool, then there is not only fitness it also allows you a flexible time for exercise, and you don’t need to run to the gym anymore when you have the required support in your home. So, it seems by just expending some money on this tool can help you to maintain the budget strongly. Like the home power rack, you need too much of space for it. It’s true the power racks give the support for various types of exercises like assisted dips and all. Whereas you might not be able to enjoy many of the exercises on this Black mountain dip station.

When you have a space problem, it’s really impractical to go for the big and heavy gym instruments at home. This dip station is just a few feet wide, and you can easily keep it in the corner of your room and bring it in front when it’s time for exercise. You may think why I would need this tool when chair dips and many other exercises can be done using many regular household items. It gives you the comfort and flexibility to try many types of exercises and be fit.

Whom is Black Mountain Dip Station for?

Is there any classification for fitness gears? The answer would be simply no. It’s just you need different exercising gears to improve different body parts, but a simple dip station can help you to work over most of the body muscles. If you consider the efficiency of this simple bar the price is just nothing. So, you are getting the chance of required fitness training by not exceeding the budget, which is a relief for any of us. It will also be saving your time and the cost of membership for a gym.

Our Remarks

After having an all-day busy schedule, many of us don’t get the inspiration to exercise in order to be fit. This simple dip station can help you to have some stretching and basic exercises to improve both the upper body and lower body. You will also able to put a Hammer Strength plate for some extra effort on the training session. It’s going to be a great deal for you.


Question: Does this bar have enough height to help the tall people over six feet?
Answer: After setting up the bar stands about 39? high, that means over 3 feet. If you do the bench dips bending the knee, then it’s not a problem for the people of great height.

Question: Can you fold the tool after exercise?
Answer: No, after you set the tool there is no way to fold it. Yes, you can unscrew the tool if needed.

Question: How much gap does it allow between two rails?
Answer: There is a gap of 20? between the rails which is comfortable for the users.

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