Goplus Folding Weight Bench Review

Goplus Folding Weight Bench

Goplus Folding Weight Bench is one of those weight benches to earn respect from fitness specialists. The heavy-duty steel construction enables Goplus Folding Weight Bench to tackle as much as 400 lbs. while providing stability and safety for the user. There’s a lot to know about the product if you’re about to buy yourself one. Read this review to reveal the facts.

Also, the adjustable workout bench is designed to be highly comfortable with ample padding equipment to eliminate back strain.

Besides, this weight lifting bench helps users to get the right abdominal exercises. Also, the bench is easy to assemble with a secure folding system for easy storage.

Goplus Folding Weight Bench Overview

If you are seriously in need of a weight bench for keeping your body fit, you may consider of buying Goplus Folding Weight Bench because of this bench in highly comfortable for possessing ample pad which can support the user’s body and eliminate back strain. The bench is highly adjustable, meaning that you can adjust it to your height.

Goplus Folding Weight Bench is a long-lasting and durable bench because of heavy duty steel construction including sit-up board which provides stability for any exercise. This workout weight bench has a higher weight capacity of 400 Ibs. Also, this folding weight bench is easy to assemble and fold.


  • Pad Thickness: 1.6’’
  • Size of the pad: 43.3" x 9.4"(L x W)
  • Adjustable Height: 33.5’’- 41.3’’ (5 levels adjustable)
  • Folded size: 42’’ x 12’’ x 4’’ (L x W x H)
  • Whole size: 49.2" x 21.7" x 41.3" (L x W x Max H)
  • Unit Weight: 35lbs
  • Rectangular tube size: 50x50x1.5mm

Feature Analysis

1. 440 lbs Weight Capacity

  • Goplus folding bench is a frequently bought exercising bench because of having higher weight capacity. If the user has the tension of the weight capacity of the workout bench, it cannot use the bench freely. So, the weight capacity of any bench is foremost!

2. Comfortable Design

  • The Goplus folding bench is designed to be comfortable. In this consideration, ample pad has been adjusted to it.

3. Adjustable height

  • This Goplus folding bench is very adjustable with the height of the user. So, people with any height can work with this fitness bench.

4. Easy folding

  • This flat workout bench has been designed to have a flexible folding system that lets the user store the bench easily.

Pros & Cons

5. Pros

    • Easy assembling
    • Easy storing
    • Higher weight capacity
    • Adjustable
    • Easier folding

6. Cons

    • Warm up needed

Final Verdict

You may think that this Goplus folding weight bench may not be effective in exercising. I also made doubt about the bench until one of my friends experienced it. This fitness weight bench demands to be your choice because of having the facilities of better exercising, higher weight capacity, adjustability, easy storing, easy assembling and easy folding system. Here it is important to mention that this weight bench has tutoring system.

Finally, you should be aware of the fact that you should warm up before using it. Otherwise, you may get injured. Hope you have a better journey with the bench!

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