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Ironman Fitness H-Class 520 Cycling Bike Review

If you are seriously into an exercise routine and sincere about staying healthy and fit, you must be searching for a training cycle. And, to get all the benefits of a workout routine in the comfort of home, there’s no alternative to an indoor exercise bike. That’s where the ironman fitness cycle comes into the scene to help you face a real challenge that most of the people can’t or don’t want to accept! You have to undergo a grueling experience to finish the range of swim race, bicycle race and marathon run it offers. If you are committed to achieving your fitness goal, then IRONMAN Fitness Cycle will be of great help.

It comes with a heavy-duty construction associated with magnetic resistance and Bluetooth technology. It has the ability to gain the trust of serious exercisers who always seek superior workout to exceed themselves. This ironman exercise bike is equipped with everything you need from a fitness cycle. Let’s find out why it is special from the following review.

Key Features of Ironman Fitness H-Class 520 Cycling Bike

The key features of an exercise bike determine its effectiveness when exposed to practical uses. Know the key features of this bike from the below discussion.

1. Steel Frame with Computer & Bluetooth Connectivity

This training cycle is well-constructed with a wide steel frame which supports two directional pedaling. And the computing system allows the users to get the readouts of RPM, calories burned, speed, distance, Watts and heart pulse. This machine has Bluetooth connectivity, and you can use the free IOS/Android app to track your exercise plans.

2. Magnetic Resistance

It comes with 44 lbs. the flywheel that uses magnetic tension resistance. The flywheel is perfectly aligned and balanced to help the users get a smoother and quiet experience while using this exercise bike.

3. Adjustable Handlebars and Seat

This exercise bike is very convenient to use as it has Multi Grip handlebars and adjustable seats. Both the handlebars and the seat can be adjusted to 4 directions (up/down and front/back) providing the user with a different hand and forearm positions and comfortable seat position.

4. Pedals with Toe Cages

An exerciser doesn’t need to worry anymore about foot slippage. It has steel pedals strapped with toe cages to ensure safety and comfort.

5. BONUS Chest Belt and Equipment Mat

BONUS My Cloud Fitness 122KHz Chest Belt displays the heart rate, and one can easily exercise targeting his desired heart rate zone. It has a waterproof PVC mat to cover the floor underneath the training bike. This equipment mat protects the floor and reduces the noise of the bike while being used.


  • Type Indoor Exercise Bike
  • Ideal for Cardio Workouts/ Strength Training
  • Included Items 4 AA Batteries, Water Bottle Holder
  • Resistance Type Manual Magnetic Resistance
  • Handlebars & Seat 4-Way Adjustable
  • Product Dimensions 49 x 24 x 53 Inches
  • Weight 136 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
  • Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Smooth and quiet
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to assemble and adjust
  • Suitable for intense workouts
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Little maintenance required


  • The display doesn’t have any backlight on it.
  • This bike occupies more places.

Our Findings

I gained significant weight used to get tired easily even a few days ago. Then I became serious about a regular workout plan and bought this ironman fitness cycle to achieve my fitness goals. Guess what. It really worked, and I have regained my stamina and lost a few Kgs. Read the following section of the article to know what I have found while exercising with this bike.

1. Performance

The bike is very strongly built; the steel frame is quite sturdy with a well-designed structure. It is very easy to assemble though the parts are a bit heavy. The magnetic resistance provided me with the opportunities to perform high resistance intense exercises. Besides, it can mimic uphill bike experience. I was able to perform cardio workouts and strength training using this bike. All these operations run so smoothly and quietly that nobody will know you’re exercising until they see you in action. The only negative thing about this bike is that it doesn’t have easily readable computer readout. Other than this, the ironman exercise bike is a good piece of gym equipment.

2. Ease of use

This exercise bike has great usability. You will find ultimate comfort with the help of adjustable seat and handlebars, pedals with toe cases and instructional computer readout. All these things will help a user use this training bike easily.

3. Price

Price is a point of discussion in this regard. The price of this training bike is a bit higher compared to the competitor exercise bikes. But, you can get this one if you want to spend more on a bike that will provide you with some amazing benefits.

How to Use and Store the Ironman Fitness H-Class 520 Cycling Bike?

The utility of a product largely depends on the correct process of using it and maintaining it. Let’s learn how to use and maintain the iron man bike from here.

1. How to use it?

  • Adjust the height of the seat. You can move it front or back to ensure comfort.
  • Have a grip on the handlebars. You can use any of the multi grips as per your choice.
  • Now secure the feet in the dedicated toe cages attached to the pedals.
  • Set your goal on display and connect it to the mobile app to keep a record of your workout plans.
  • Tether the chest strap around your to monitor the heart rate.
  • Start cycling and see the distance, RPM, calories burned, speed, Watts and heart pulse from the display and exercise according to your preference.

2. How to maintain it?

The maintenance of a training cycle is quite similar to that of any other gym equipment. But, this bike comes with a magnetic resistance mechanism which requires very little maintenance. Inspect the bike thoroughly before and after each day’s work out. You can lube the moving parts of a bike to prevent excess wear and tear. Don’t forget to clean the sweat that may get accumulated on the handlebars and the seat. And, you can take preventive measure to protect your investment by choosing an ideal storage location to keep the bike. Store it in a cool, dry and dust-free space.

Customers’ Feedbacks

It has received varied reactions from the customers. Some are highly appreciating the build quality and efficacy of this bike while some others are telling that it doesn’t perform well keeping the price in line. Most of them are satisfied with this product and helped it get an average rating of 3.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Whom is this product ideal for?

Ironman spin bike is a heavy-duty indoor exercise bike designed for the pro fitness enthusiasts. It comes with high resistance and multiple racing and biking options that a beginner may not be able to get the best out of this bike. If you want to lose weight and perform intense cardio workouts, strength and stamina improving exercises, Class 520 iron man bike is the ideal product for you.

Our Final Thoughts

A fitness buff will never deny the appeal of a training bike that comes with such benefits like that of ironman fitness cycle. One can enjoy all the health benefits a training bike can offer in his/her home with this bike. Regular exercise on this bike will develop one’s strength and endurance with improved cardiovascular health and toned muscles. On top of that, one can lose weight significantly by using an ironman spin bike. That’s why we suggest using this bike if you have the budget to spend on a heavy-resistance exercise bike.


Question : Does the bike have a touch screen interface?
Answer : No. The LED screen comes with the buttons below. You can pair your phone or tab with it using the Bluetooth connectivity and the app.

Question : Can I attach SPD pedals to the bike?
Answer : Yes, you can. Attach them using the screw axle.

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