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Ironmaster Crunch Situp Attachment Review

Ironmaster Crunch Situp Attachment Review

Do you want your gym equipment to be safe and convenient? Want to add more variety to your adjustable workout Bench?  Then Ironmaster Crunch Attachment is the perfect addition to your arsenal of home gym equipment. This attachment integrates perfectly with the Ironmaster Super bench, providing even more versatility as it allows you to perform different abdominal exercises.

The most remarkable advantage of Ironmaster Crunch Attachment is its level of adjustability. It provides you the perfect position according to your choice. To know why this attachment is a must-have for the Ironmaster Bench, we are about to start this Ironmaster Crunch Attachment review.

Feature Analysis of Ironmaster Crunch Situp Attachment

1. Convenience

Ironmaster Crunch Attachment provides the perfect position for abdominal training. The grab handle allows getting in and out even at steep angles.

2. Installation

There is nothing to worry about connecting the Ironmaster Crunch Attachment to the Ironmaster Super Bench. It attaches easily to Ironmaster Super Bench spine.

3. Performance

Ironmaster Crunch Attachment locks you in place securely. There are many plugs in positions which allow any height user to fit in. It also assists in steeply angled decline presses. It works with all Ironmaster adjustable workout bench models, old and new.


  • Item Weight 12 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 13 pounds
  • Manufacturer Ironmaster
  • Warranty 10 years on frame, machines and optional attachments


  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Adjustable to any height
  • Comfortable


  • The rollers are solid foam that degrades rapidly

Final Verdict

As you read this Ironmaster Crunch Attachment review, you must have known the importance and advantages of attaching it to Ironmaster Super bench. Ironmaster Crunch Attachment is a must have to get the best out of your adjustable workout bench.

You might not be impressed to be aware of the fact that the rollers don’t have any cover which causes it to degrade rapidly. But, if you consider the overall performance of the attachment and consider its’ necessity to be used with the Ironmaster Bench, this problem must seem negligible. Besides, if you use a custom-made vinyl or leather cover to it, the problem will be solved.

According to our research, we have found this accessory as very useful stuff for your Ironmaster Bench. We hope this research will help you furthermore to recognize the importance of this attachment and take decisions accordingly.

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