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Marcy Diamond Mid-Size Bench Review

Marcy Diamond Mid-Size Bench Review

Marcy diamond has made some of the most innovative and user-friendly gym units made for your home. The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith cage with linear bearings is the latest and smartest design which makes Marcy Olympic weight bench more convenient.

Marcy diamond elite bench has multifunction bench press with an independent utility bench and barbell crutches for a variety of exercises. This movable utility bench lets you adjust the barbell crutches to use the bench as a squat and lunge rack. Leg developer and bicep preacher curl pad with arm curl handle for focused workouts. It has an adjustable back pad for incline, decline and flat chest press exercise along with contoured foam roller pads.

Marcy diamond is a full body training system that has a sturdy make combined with precision and efficiency of finest gym machine. The frame and joints are all made with excellent quality metal to keep the unit from getting worn out over time. It also comprises a cable cross with a dual pulley system which provides you with plenty of options for the center of an object strengthening and stretching exercises. This brand pays special attention to safety features with stoppers and rods to avoid an accident.


  • Product Dimensions: 72 x 22 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 109 pounds
  • Warranty: 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • weight capacity: Maximum 300-pound


  • Sturdy and multifunctional
  • Decent weight bench, well-constructed and very solid
  • Tough and well-built as well as the adjustable bar racks are perfect
  • Pretty simple to set up
  • Adjustable back pad
  • Offers focused workout
  • Built-In Steel
  • Includes Mid-Size Bench For Toning And Strengthening Upper And Lower Body
  • MusclesMarcy Smith Machine’s Multi-Position Back Pad Supports Flat, Incline, And
  • Decline Chest Presses
  • Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine’s Leg Developer Works For Isolating Leg Muscles, And
  • It Has Adjustable Preacher Curl Pad
  • This Tool Includes A Large-Diameter Akimbo-Style (Angled) Crutches And Oversized Safety
  • Bar Catches

Our Remarks

Though there are some poor reviews of Marcy diamond, we suggest you have this fitness machine or Marcy diamond because rather than giving for a fitness center or gym memberships all your life, you can make this former investment which will save your currency in the long run. In addition, you will also keep or save the time and fuel spent in driving to the gym every day. Having a home gym system of rules allows you to have the quality of being adaptable or variable in your workout schedule, so you don’t have to worry about opening and closing hours.

So, it is time to change up your workout with the Marcy diamond Marcy diamond elite which features a multifunction design with an independent utility bench and provides a wide variety of exercises.  This review is here to let you know all about this versatile and efficient home gym system from Marcy brand.

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