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Marcy MD 867 Review – Olympic Weight Bench

Marcy MD 867 Review

Marcy Diamond Mid Size Bench has already earned a position in any detailed list of weight benches. Its consistent performance in providing safety for the user through different positions of the seat and curl pad.

Are you in an urgent need of having an exercising bench? Providing that this is true, Marcy Diamond Mid Size Bench may be your choice because it has higher weight capacity and that it 300 pounds. Also, the bench is more durable than many of its alternatives available in the market. Don’t you think the product is worth your

Feature Analysis

1. Multi-positioning system

The Marcy Diamond Mid Size Bench has multi-positioning seat and back pad including flat, incline, and decline. This is why you can make a versatile usage of this weight bench.

2. Durable

The Marcy Diamond Mid Size Bench is very durable. The reason for this durability is its construction material which is steel.

3. Leg developer

The Marcy Diamond Mid Size Bench has a leg developer for the purpose of isolating the muscle of your leg. As a user, it is easy to isolate your leg’s muscle using the leg developer of this weight bench.

4. Higher weight capacity

The Marcy Diamond Mid Size Bench has a higher weight capacity of 300pounds what is essential for safe and comfortable use. Also, this weight capacity adds new dimension to the bench.

5. Preacher curl pad

The diamond weight bench also has Preacher curl pad to support the user remaining under the arms of the user. This pad protects the arms of the user and also, makes the user’s usages comfortable.


  • Product Dimensions: 82 x 43 x 60.5 inches
  • Item model number: MD867W
  • Weight: 109 pounds


  • Higher weight capacity
  • Multi-positioning
  • Long lasting
  • Comfortable and safe usage
  • Affordable


  • Decent but dangerous

Final Verdict

Before we tell you our last words, we would like you to know a little more about Marcy Diamond mid Size Bench. This weight bench has multi-positioning seat and pad, durable for steel construction with preacher pad.

Finally, you should stay conscious in time of making a change in the position of exercising. This bench is decent but dangerous because of its different positioning. So, you should be aware of the changes. Good luck!

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