Pure Fitness Preacher Curl Bench Review

Pure Fitness Preacher Curl Bench

The Pure Fitness Preacher Curl Bench has been very famous among the exerciser recently because of its durability, stability and high capacity weight. This is why this bench has been chosen by the body builder for using as exercising bench. Due to this reason, the manufacturer has brought its review to ease your choice as a lover of this bench.

Are you keen on having an easy moving bench for exercising? Providing that it is true, you can thing of buying Pure Fitness Preacher Curl Bench because it has moving wheels which helps you carry the bench easily. Thus, it lessens your pain in time of carrying. As a user, you must feel of exercising in your surroundings. So, it is an attractive feature for the user of this bench.

Are you serious about having the Pure Fitness Preacher Curl Bench? Well, it's time to read our Pure Fitness Preacher Curl Bench review.

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Are you keen on having an adjustable exercising bench? Really! You may consider for using Pure Fitness Preacher Curl Bench because it is highly adjustable with your requirement. Also, the preacher curl cushion is adjustable and provides a comfortable position from which you can curl without any risk of chafing or pinching points.

Besides, the Pure Fitness Preacher Curl Bench is comfortable to use because it has a thick preacher pad with soft vinyl upholstery. The pad is firm and comfortable under the arms, guiding your motion to isolate the intended muscle groups. Also, it is to inform you that this pad makes your exercising safe with comfortable.

Also, the Pure Fitness Preacher Curl Bench ensures you are having a high weight capacity bench because the weight capacity of this curl bench is 350Ibs. Again, this is to mention that this bench is designed to be long-lasting because it is made of heavy-duty steel. Along with this, the curl bench has Tilt-n-roll transport system which helps its moving easily. So, you may try it regarding all the features.


  • Product Dimensions: 38 x 28 x 7 inches
  • Steel Construction
  • Item Weight: 35.6 pounds
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • Colure: Blues/ Black
  • Weight capacity: 350Ibs

Feature Analysis

1. Tilt-n-roll Transport

  • The bench has a tilt-n-roll Transport system which makes you carry the bench easily and also, Tilt-and-roll integrated wheels make it a cinch to move bench out of the way when not being used.

2. Adjustability

  • This Preacher Curl Bench is highly height adjustable. This is why you can use it in accordance to the need of your height. This feature has added a new dimension to this curl bench.

3. High weight capacity

  • this is such a weight bench which is designed to yield the weight capacity of 350 lbs. which is good. This high capacity of weight makes you feel safe in time of using the bench.

4. Preacher pad

  • this Weight Bench has a very comfortable Preacher pad which is used under the arms in time of using. This pad is very soft, and thus you can get comfort in time of exercising.

Pros & Cons

5. Pros

    • Durable
    • Affordable
    • Safe
    • Highly adjustable
    • Compact and transportable
    • High weight capacity

6. Cons

    • Placement of the pad in the perfect zone under your arms required

Final Verdict

As a fitness devotee, you need to know if the Pure Fitness Preacher Curl Bench is going to work for you. Well, in our words, it is as well as for some reasons like durability, safety, affordability, and space-saving feature. Now, the decision is all yours. Happy buying!

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