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An Overall Analysis Of Total Gym 1500 For All Levels Of Fitness

Total Gym 1500

Total Gym 1500 lets you carry out a function or perform more than 60 workouts in a bundle and provides a total body workout for all levels of fitness. The total gym force line is better than a gym full of free weights and machines. It is useful to reduce your extra pounds.

You may attach total body gym while leaning back a bit one leg at a time. You can do it the other system around to holding onto the handles while lifting your head up to get your bottom abs which works wonders. Total Gym workouts offer more than 60 proven exercises and include a multifunction attachment. Its unit is constructed of solid steel which sets up in seconds and then folds away for easy storage.

Total Gym 1500 is similar to Total Gym 1700 including a two-in-one exercise video and an exercise booklet that features both beginning and advanced programs. Hence, it is like a real exercising trainer. You can lose your extra fleshes from 6% to 50% of body weight up to 250 pounds.

This exercise lifts your body against the gravity, and the resistance level is always smooth and fluid. It Includes pull-up bar and leg pulley for tour easy movement. You will get stronger and sporadic on it. We assure that you will love your Total Gym and get thrilled with your purchase and the modest price.


  • Product Dimensions 88 x 16.2 x 44 inches
  • Item model numbe 1250
  • warranty 1-year


  • Comprehensive and useful for muscle strengthening
  • It lets you Choose from 6 resistance levels
  • Allows you to control the amount of resistance
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • provides smooth and fluid resistance
  • leads to a firmer stomach, tighter hips, thighs, and buttocks, and a more muscular frame
  • Includes More Than 60 Exercise Possibilities
  • Box-Stitched Seat For Workout Comfort
  • Chrome Side Rails
  • Steel Construction

Our Remarks

Some total gym reviews go a negative impression and dissatisfaction about total gym 1500. The only bad feature is the way the cables are attached. For some exercise, you don’t need the handles, and the cable is in an awkward place to unhook it. However, people review it positively rather. But, providing with its all equipment and benefits, you feel like that you have bought a decent workout after having it.

You can actually do a lot of exercises on Total gym 1500, and they really bring you a good workout for a range or price that is nice and cheap. It will give you a solid workout definitely.

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