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Cheerwing Boxing Gloves Review for Kids

Cheerwing 4oz Boxing Gloves Review for Kids

Boxing is a game where your eye, hand, legs work together in a great force. It’s a great sport to improve body fitness and reflex. Fighting gloves are a basic need for starting the game.  Cheerwing brings 4oz boxing gloves for kids, and it can be a great way to spread the spirit of boxing in a kid. It will help to introduce him/ her to a disciplined life and set a broader vision of life in them. In the following discussion we are going to let you know the ins and out of the Cheerwing gloves. I hope it will be helpful to find out whether it’s going to be a good choice for your child or not. Read this 4oz boxing gloves to know more about the product!

Key Features of Cheerwing Boxing Gloves

1. Sparring gloves

This is a glove for kids under ten. They might not go for any boxing match, but they can practice a bit to get the taste of real boxing. This kid’s punching gloves are designed for practicing with a partner. Sparring gloves are softer and might not hurt the practicing partner.

2. Materials

PU leather and EVA foaming are being used in this boxing gear. The PU leather is an effective material to make a glove long lasting. EVA foaming between the inner layer and outer layer is to make it comfortable and less injurious for the opponent.

3. Weight and Size

Every piece of this pair of punching gloves is around 4 oz and for the use of EVA foaming in it will feel weightless, and that’s what we need for the kids. The manufacturer classifies this pair of gloves for the age group of 5 to 10 years. Not many of the manufacturers are providing this kind of products for kids.

4. Wrist Wrapping

To help the kids to enjoy this boxing gear they have put elastic wrist wrap. If any of the kid find it loose, then the wrist wrap holds the hands tight, and it’s needed for most of the kid.


  • Material: PU leather and EVA foams
  • Suitable for: MMA, Muay Thai, Focus pads, Punch bags, Punch Mitts, Grappling Gloves
  • Size: 9″ x 6.3″
  • Unit Weight: 4oz / pcs
  • Suitable Group: 5-10 Years


  • High-quality materials help to elongate the lifetime
  • Comfortable fit as it comes with an elastic wrist strap
  • Helpful for the kids to learn and enjoy boxing


  • If you are expecting snug fit gloves, then it’s tough for the kids as the growth of kids varies with this age group.

Our Findings

Kids find interest in everything new to them. If you want to get your kids proper gloves to practice boxing seriously, then you need strong and long lasting gloves. Let’s talk about the performance of these gloves and keep reading to find out whether it’s a good choice or not.

1. Performance

You might not want a hard boxing gear for your beloved kids. Cheerwing makes the pair of glove-soft enjoying by using the EVA foams in it. If two kids practice within them, they might not get hurt because of the softness of the gloves.

The problem is you can’t ask for snug fit from this pair as it made for 5 to 10 years old kid. If a 5-year-old kid wears it, surely it might feel like coming off. On the other hand, if a 10-year kid tries it, he/ she might feel a bit suffocating as they have reached the age limit. So it seems to be an issue, but not a big one either.

The PU leather on the outer surface make the surface smoother it helps to last the gloves for long and also PU leather has got the track record to continue for long.

2. Usability

This kid’s glove is classified for sparring. It has got the elastic wrist strap to help fit in all the kids 5-10 age groups. It might not fit all the kids properly, but the strap is going to help definitely to keep the interest up of the kids.

3. Price

It’s a pair of gloves for kids’ use. If you compare the same kind of gloves, you will find the price is quite the same. These pair is costing just over $10 which is affordable for most of us as we always want to see our kids happy.

How to Use and Store the Cheerwing Boxing Gloves?

1. How to take care of the boxing gloves?

If you have sent your kids to enjoy the heat of boxing, then it needs some special treatment. Though they might practice like a grown up, you need to dry up the glove by putting it directly under the sun for 10-15 minutes after use. It will help to kill all the bacteria in the glove and remove the stinking odor.

2. How to make your kids used to with these gloves?

I felt interested in boxing after watching matches on the TV. So, whenever you get time to watch some boxing matches with your kids, it will create his/ her interest. Then buy a pair of gloves and practice shadow with him. It will help your kids to be used to with the gloves. If he/ she find the game interesting, they may go far.

Customers’ Feedbacks

Whether you buy this boxing glove to gift your kids for serious use or just play around, it has gained the attention of the parents for many reasons. If you look on Amazon, you will find over 300 customers reviewed this tool, and most of them gave it a 5-star rating. This product has gained an overall rating of 4.7 stars. So it seems to be a reliable product for kids.

Whom is Cheerwing 4oz Boxing Gloves ideal for?

These fighting gloves are specially made for kids under 10. So you can try the gloves for your kids. They will surely love it. It’s a great piece of gift for the kids anytime during the year.

Our Final Thoughts

Cheerwing is helping to cheer up the kids with the 4 oz boxing gloves. The age might not be enough to understand the tips and tricks of boxing, but a simple glove can surely guide the kids in a better way and increase their interest in boxing. The PU leather and EVA foam make it comfortable for the kids, and the leather is also helpful to get long service from this pair of gloves. We hope this simple glove will make your kid’s time more colorful.

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