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Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand Review

Cap Barbell Power Cage/Rack Exercise Stand Review

A power cage or power rack is a versatile piece of strength training tool letting you perform several exercises to develop target muscles or to get a toned body. The ergonomic design lets you use the tool either a body weight station or a resistance workout equipment. It is an ideal equipment for your home gym. A power rack is one of the seven types of the rack with suit your needs in your own way. If you have a plan to purchase this tool, you can brood over the CAP Barbell Power Rack.

The CAP power rack or squat stand has ergonomically designed for multiple exercises. It adds ease and comfort during your workout. The main frame is durable enough due to the use of thoroughbred steel to endure a weight limit of 300 pounds. Its welded tube seams provide extra strength and stability. In this review, you will find features highlighting to educate prospective buyers with buying recommendation. Read thoroughly till the end if you want to buy an exercise stand to perform rack pull workout exercises for gym centers and your home gym.


  • Dimensions: 46-in (L) x 50-in (W) x 85-in (H)
  • Weight: 60.6 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: Maximum 300 lbs
  • Model Number: FM-CS705-2
  • Steel Construction: 12- gauge and 14-gauge
  • Finish: 3-step Powder Coat
  • Manufacturer info: DMR V8
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited to 30 days!


  • Provides safety as well as functionality comes with reinforcing stability
  • Dual-functional use either as a body weight station or resistance training equipment
  • Welded commercial-grade tubular steel for extra-resistant support
  • Open frame to prevent inner oxidation, thus enhancing the safety standard
  • Sealed and powder coated steel components for durability
  • Rustproof and inner oxidation-proof for lasting performance many years to come


  • Weight plate holders are large enough to hold available weights
  • Less durable engineering does not avoid shaking during pull-ups

The Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand Explained

For extra-resistant support, the manufacturer used fully welded commercial-grade tubular steel to construct the overhead power cage. This workout station comes with comfort and safety features:

Versatile Design

A versatile design comes in at 46” by 50” by 85” dimensions. The design of the strength piece allows you to exercise comfortably with ample space to move around. It has two functional uses: a body weight station or resistance training equipment. A lightweight design makes or carries out it simple to move the item since the weight is low at only about 61 pounds! Its reinforced overhead bar ensures safety while assisting body weight training workouts.

Tough Construction

A touch mainframe construction has an excellent weight capacity combining the user and weight itself. The 12- and 14-gauge steel is hard enough to withstand maximum users’ weight up to 300 pounds. Using the steel of commercial grade along with powder coat finish ensures long life. Each component has a delicate design for maximum safety and reliability.

Enduring Performance and Stability

The CAP Barbell power rack is safe, heavy-duty, and reliable thanks to quality engineering. The power rack exercise stand comes with high-grade cold rolled steel construction. Its 3-step powder coat finish enhances longevity by making it rust proof and preventing oxidation inside. Using two gussets in uprights structure deliver reinforcing stability and endurance of the tubular mainframe.

Build A Dream Gym

This Power Rack Exercise Stand is a comprehensive choice thanks to the incorporating extra features. Being an ideal tool for exercise, it is the right one offering safety along with functionality. It allows you to use the unit whichever you want to perform whether a body weight power station or a resistance training equipment. A limited 30-day warranty covers the item.

Whom is Cap Barbell Power Cage/Rack Exercise Stand for?

This workout stand is for those who want a lightweight and moveable power cage. This tool offers an assortment of different bar positions. A trainer can use the raised workout bar or use the built-in bar catches to perform a range of body weight exercise like squat racks, pull-ups, deadlifts, bench press, leg press or curls and so on. A wide range of workout options allows you to work on your core muscles to get a toned figure.

Our Remarks

To put it briefly, it comes down to two factors: your floor space and budget indeed! Check for the footprint of the power cage so that it fits your floor space with ease. Also, consider the clear ceiling height while training. If you really are concerned with any of these things, the Cap Barbell Power Cage is right for you.

You may consider the Super Max 810XLT Power Cage by Fitness Reality. This equipment has an extreme 800 pounds load capacity. This Amazon recommended product holds 4.6-star ratings. This item has 12-position settings allowing you to work effectively. It has optional attachments for J-Hooks, Dip Bars and Landmine. But everything is sold separately. And so, it is a more expensive item than the Power Rack from Cap Barbell. Whatsoever, the choice is yours for selecting any product that meets your needs.

Overall, the Barbell rack pull for standing exercises with Cap Barbell Power Rack is an ultimate tool to select for your workout activities. It is a good bang for your bucks thanks to the bells and whistles it comes equipped with.


Question: Can this squat rack be used as a bench press machine?

Answer: Absolutely! You can use the overhead workout bar of the power rack. It has height adjustable options to perform several bodyweight training. Its incorporated bar catches let you exercise bench press in adjusted lower position. For comfortable use, it comprises a weight bench.

Question: Does the maximum load capacity of this tool includes the body weight of the user?

Answer: No. The maximum load capacity only means the weight capacity it can endure when exercising. It does not combine the weight of the user and the capacity of the tool itself.

Question: Is this rack rigid enough to perform Pull-ups and Toes-to-bar exercises?

Answer: Yes, you can perform strict Pull-ups and Toes-to-bar. Though this tool is a bit shaky while you try to perform the forms of exercises, the stand delivers sufficient stability.

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