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Gold’s Gym XR 6.0 Adjustable Weight Bench Review

Gold's Gym XR 6.0 Weight Bench Review

Weight loss is not an enjoyable campaign that would save you physical rigors. It is always a laborious job to undertake and achieve fitness goals. Hundreds of companies have brought thousands of products with just one aim that people would benefit from them and stay fit. Are weight benches some of such items that fitness lovers must have? Is Gold’s Gym XR 6.0 one of the fine examples of a quality, sturdy weight bench?

There is a lot to answer, and we have a lot to talk to you about the weight bench. Read our critical elucidation of the features and technicalities of Gold’s Gym XR 6.0 and make a decision that brings you the peace of mind with a perfect buy.

Feature Analysis of Gold’s Gym XR 6.0 Adjustable Weight Bench

1. Adjustable bench

The comfort gets enhanced when you get four different adjustable positions of the seat for targeting on different muscle groups. You can adjust the seat of this weight bench to flat, incline, decline and military position.

2. Comfortable seat

The manufacturer has provided a sewn vinyl seat with this Gold’s gym weight bench so that you can get maximum comfort with long-lasting usage.

3. Versatile use

With this Gold’s Gym XR 6.0 you can not only do bench press but also push-ups, reverse crunch, barbell bench press, flat bench dumbbell press, triceps kickback, dumbbell pullovers, one-armed dumbbell rows, bench step-ups, lying leg curls, leg extensions and many other exercises. So toning up your muscles will no longer be a tough thing.

4. Effective bench

This sit-up bench will help you to go for your goal, whether it is weight losing or muscle building. You can achieve both of these with this single equipment.

5. Personal trainer

You will get an exercise chart with gold’s weight bench, which is certified by a professional trainer. This chart helps you learn different ways of taking exercises as per your goals and demands.


  • Model number: GGBE89616
  • Weight: 10 to 15 pounds


  • Portable
  • Easy to wipe
  • Comfortable sitting
  • Adjustable positions
  • Exercise chart


  • Less sturdy

Final Verdict

If you are worried about the downside that we have mentioned in our writing, then let us make you ease. The problem only happens when you change the backrest frequently. It may bend a little bit while shifting your position side to side. But do not worry, you will never lose you control over your body for this.

We always try to give you better suggestions and will not leg behind this time. Considering the price and features of this Gold’s Gym XR 6.0, you will find much more graceful than the horridness of its downside. So, if the pros are attracting you more, then you should go to the bench.

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