Ironmaster Chin up Attachment Review

Ironmaster Chin up Attachment

Chin Ups are one of the most useful exercises for the lats and arms. People often get bogged down in trying to keep up with the latest and greatest techniques.

The Ironmaster Chin Up Attachment for the Ironmaster bench allows you to perform this useful exercise without the need for a Power Tower. You can slip the pull up bar attachment into your Ironmaster Super Bench which you can buy separately.

Read our Ironmaster Chin Up Attachment review and get a good idea of the attachment.

Ironmaster Chin up Attachment Overview

The pull-up attachment is simple to install and turns your Super Bench into a great pull up station. The chin-up bar is sturdy and versatile. Moreover, it can be height adjusted providing you with more flexibility while performing your exercises. Once again, Ironmaster helps you to save valuable space in your home gym.
The impressive thing is that you do not need to sacrifice the thoughts of stability to make your home gym more ergonomic. You may not believe how solid this chinning bar is until you try.

Now, have a look at the specifications of this chin up bar to know more details about this attachment.


  • Weight-8.5kgs
  • Weight Load Capacity-300lbs or 136kgs
  • Brand -Ironmaster
  • Warranty-10 years frame warranty (excluding paint or plating) for benches, machines and optional attachments
  • One-year warranty on the pads, cables, pulleys, and upholstery

Feature Analysis

1. Feature Analysis

  • The grips are covered in foam so it won't dig into your hands and build calluses as quick. Also, you have two different grip positions for your convenience - wide and Narrow.

2. Height adjustability

  • The height of the chinning bar is adjustable in 2″ increments from 81.5″ min to 89.5″ max in 2″ increments

3. Safety

  • This pull-up attachment bar can be used safely by anyone within 300 lbs.

Pros & Cons

4. Pros

    • Sturdy and durable
    • Easy to install
    • Adjustable height
    • Space saving

5. Pros

    • Too tall

Final Verdict

Not a cheap, flimsy attachment, Ironmaster Super Bench that sells well. The upright section on the bench is fabricated out of 11-gauge steel, which is used in most commercial gym equipment.

Overall, we found this pull up bar attachment to be a great addition to your Ironmaster Super Bench. Hopefully, our review has let you know the details that you needed about Ironmaster chin up attachment and helped you to choose effectively.

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