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Ironmaster Dip Handle Attachment Review

Ironmaster Dip Handle Attachment Review

Do you want to add more versatility to your Ironmaster Super Bench? Then you must consider using Ironmaster Dip Handle Attachment. This is a strong, simple, and affordable item for your home gym.

Ironmaster Bar Dip Handles for the Super Bench are a fan favorite for a reason. Whether you’re about to purchase a Super Bench adjustable weight bench or you’re looking to take your existing Super Bench to the next level, the Ironmaster Bar Dip Handles are a must have for expanding your exercise capability within your home gym.

Feature Analysis of Ironmaster Dip Handle Attachment

1. Easy to ins

The dip handle attachment simply plugs into the Super Bench spine and safely locks in place with a pull pin.

2. Safety

You can put your trust on this bench spine attachment. It can hold 350lbs. So, nearly anyone can safely use this attachment.

3. Convenience

The heavy-duty rubber grips handles have ergonomic rubber grips that are 23” wide. They are comfortable and allow you to get a firm hold which is important when you are supporting your body weight.

4. Different Height Positions

The handle attachment has three different height positions from 50? to 52.5? from the floor.


  • Item weight 8 lbs
  • Heights Adjustable
  • Capacity 150 lbs
  • Item model number DIPHANDLE-SB
  • Brand Ironmaster


  • Strong and durable
  • Height adjustable
  • Simple to use
  • Space saving
  • Fits perfect
  • Affordable


  • The semi-circular positioning arc might hit your legs

Final Verdict

We mentioned earlier; the semicircular positioning arc might hit your legs when you use it. But we are recommending you a solution to get rid of this problem. Tip the bench to a slight slant (it has 11 positions). Even in flat, the unsupported end of the bench is rated for #600 (the overall bench is rated for #1000), so having it tipped slightly when doing dips will place you away from the steel arc comfortably.

As we found a solution to this problem and did not find any other problem in this bench spine attachment, we can say this accessory is trustable. Moreover, the functionality of this Ironmaster Super Bench accessory also attracted us. We liked the quality and performance of the product thoroughly and am recommending you to use this accessory to add a new dimension to your workout.

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