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Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine Total Body Review

Marcy Smith Cage Machines Review – For Body Workout

“What is a smith machine?” is the first thing that one intended for total body workout should know. Smith machines are the weight training machine comes with a fixed barbell within the rails. Then one must know how to use smith machine properly particularly those who want to build body strength. But in this review, we are not focusing on that. But, how much does a smith machine bar weigh? Frankly speaking, there is no clear shortcut. What it mainly depends upon the type of Smith has equipped with as to what the weight will be.

In a single compact design, the MD-9010G strength machine unifies 3-different types of similar machines. It facilitates to perform over 100 commercial gym-quality training. In this review, we would try to highlight the bells and whistles of this machine to help out potential buyers so that they make buying decisions.

The Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine Total Body Explained

The Marcy Smith Diamond Elite Cage is a total body training system designed for the home gym. It comes with 2” x 2-3/4” and 2” x 2” durable tubular steel construction for intense support. These MD-9010G Smith machines utilize hard-wearing aircraft cable with 2,000 pounds tensile strength to withstand extreme use for many years to come. This versatile home gym system features a pulley system operated cable, a Smith machine, linear bearings and an Olympic free-weight rack all in one product.

These Smith machines overhead press include 6-weight plate pegs built-in frame. This helps arrange weights or barbells on the home gym system for weightlifting or strength training. The unique design of the linear bearing with precision guarantees a smooth motion. It prevents difficulties for an impeded experience. The MT-3 Barbell Pad is sold separately to provide extra support for comfort for selected exercises.

It is a complete training system that limits the need to switch between gym equipment. Featuring a state-of-the-art combination, it comes with an arm and leg stations for the buildup of different muscle groups. The structure allows executing wide-ranging exercises. This versatile home gym system is designed with dual function press arms. The press arms help performs different arm and chest workouts to build up the biceps, triceps, pecs, and other major muscle groups.

It features a dual-action preacher pad, and Olympic bar adapted sleeve on leg developer for leg training beside the Smith squat. And, this unit has 6-large rocker pads, and a row and curl bar. Its pivot point helps form a proper body for the period of drills. Comparing a Smith machine vs free weight? It allows an all-out effect on major muscle groups.

Whom is Marcy Smith Cage Machines for?

Its arm and leg stations are useful for the development of major muscle groups. The number of moves is so great that you can do with the home gym which makes it ideal for beginners and mid-level trainers. It is made for unisex meaning both men or women can use the machine for their training session.


  • Brand Marcy
  • Dimensions 95-in x 79-in x 86-in
  • Weight 430 lbs
  • Model Number MD-9010G
  • Load Capacity 600 lbs


  • Smith machine uses heavy-duty aircraft cable. Its tensile strength is 2,000 pounds to withstand extreme use for long-lasting performance
  • Marcy Diamond Elite brings “off the floor” base design to increase extreme stability This prevents the machine not to wobble albeit the use of extra heavyweights
  • Everything you need for complete leg training. It has 6 large roller pads and row/curls bars beside the squats Smith machine
  • The bar catches along with safety stoppers are useful for raising heavy weights or work out without help
  • The low pulley function and seated row system for many exercises
  • More than 100 types of workouts with it
  • It has the load capacity of 600 pounds


  • The weight set is sold separately. So, it requires to buy them since it does not come with the machine
  • Setting up is a little difficult, yet it comes with a user’s manual
  • It is a large item. So, the machine needs ample space to assemble and to use it

Our Remarks

To end with, the Marcy MD-9010G Smith machines are excellent if price and functions are considered. These multi-exercise home gym systems provide numerous ways to drill. They can be very useful to exercise at home to create full body Smith machine deadlift workout routine. It comes with a dual-action leg developer, and low pulley system operated cable with footrest, press bar with sealed bearings, squat weight rack and an Olympic weight bench to make ultimate equipment for the home gym.

Body Solid Series-7 is an excellent adjunct to any home gym Smith machine. The gun rack can support 1,000 pounds of a load of weight plates which is excellent. This machine is equipped with a rubberized coating to prevent rust and scuffing. But, it is not packed with a weight bench and holds a high price label. Overall, the Marcy Smith cage machine is difficult to beat the price for everything it offers. It is a perfect commercial grade trainer to incorporate into exercise.


Question: What do the dimensions mean by 95-in x 79-in x 86-in?

Answer: The dimensions mean that the gym system is 95-in high, 79-in wide and 86-in deep.

Question: Does this equipment come with an Olympic bar?

Answer: This gym system has a bar connected to the Smith machine. But, it does not come with the 45 pounds Olympic bar.

Question: Does this Smith Bar wobble a bit or move like commercial equipment?

Answer: This unit is less stable than a commercial unit. But, it relatively moves slightly from side to side. There are four sets of screws to adjust the mechanism.

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