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Master of Muscle Belt Review For Men & Women

Master Of Muscle Workout Weight Belts Review For Men & Women

Wearing a weight belt helps build up your power, strength as well as muscle growth. Few people believe that they should depend upon their personal abilities to stabilize heavy loads. But a belt helps reduce your chances of getting injured under heavy loads. Plus, it will aid in lifting performance. Again, it is equally important to know how to wear weight belts to improve your weightlifting. If you are an expert athlete or a weightlifter, this article is for you.

Among the crowd of hundreds of brands, few weightlifting belts are found extremely good while others are not up to par. We reviewed a few items, and this Master of Muscle Just Lift Belt is on our list. This will not allow you ever to backtrack without hitting the gym when lifting. You can lift heavier and get a toned figure. It feels comfortable to exercise with the Master of Muscle Weightlifting Belt. No chance for getting injured if you follow the user’s manual. You can maximize your performance with ‘Ultimate Guide to Weight Lifting Technique.’ Keep reading it.

The Master of Muscle Belt Explained

To achieve the maximum output of effort of your belt, there are one or two things you must consider. First, you should know how to measure it. For that, take a measuring tape and measure around the waist. Then position it on your abdominal wall and then brace around your lumbar part. Now, draw the band until it starts to push into your skin. Next, you need to know how to wear a weightlifting belt or how to use a weight belt for all that, take a deep breath and hold it for a while before exhale. Place the belt right in position and tighten the belly button. Pull it tight enough that it slightly restricts the abdominal area that you stiffened to get the most benefit. Few of the good sides of this belt are stated below:

Your Core Muscles Become Stable for Heavier Lift

The design of this Enormous Belt supports your back and core. It helps your muscles to create an ideal figure. The form allows you to lift more weights. It will enable you to perform more professional like sets.

You Will Get Big Gains Due to Great Posture

This weight lifting belt will give your body a great posture. You can lift and squat heavier weight and reps without harm. It helps you gain something significant.

It Does Not Squeeze Your Side

The cushioned strap is adjustable which comes with a contoured shape. It allows lifters for comfortable and untroublesome lifts. These two features on this belt beat old notch training belts. This way you can focus on your perfect lift. It will not distract your mind resulting in your performance be hindered.

Proper Lifting Techniques for Quick Recovery

After an exercise session, you might have a painful day because of appropriate techniques of powerlifting. That means you will less recovery time. And, you can get back to your gym quicker for more workouts

Exceed Your Level Without Hurting Back

The belt comes with a “Free eBook” that helps you master the accurate lifts. The guide helps you build each muscle group. It protects you from breaking you down.

Whom is Weight Belts for?

What Are Weight Lifting Belts For? These belts are suitable for the performers who intend for Squat, Powerlifting, Deadlift Training. Weightlifting belts are an essential piece of equipment for your weight training routine. They provide your lumbar support that decreases lower back pressure. This belt works as a wall for your abs to push against it.


  • Brand Master of Muscle
  • Weight 358 g
  • Size S (99 cm) to XL (109 cm)
  • Model Number B01N2LASR3
  • Material Neoprene
  • Suitable For Unisex


  • It is comfortable and adapts to the body contours for best support
  • Increased workouts without dealing with sores every day
  • Remarkable tensile strength allows for deadlift, squats, and powerlifting without tearing
  • Physical instructions help to master the accurate lifts
  • Suitable design for both men and women


  • It may undo itself on mid lift if fastening the belt too tightly

Our Remarks

To sum up, this Workout Weightlifting Belts by Master of Muscle are an effective fitness belt. These training tools are appropriate for both weightlifters and gymnasts. These weight belts come with remarkable features making them a necessary tool in any weightlifting session. While considering a similar item, the 4-3/4″ Schiek weight belt is there with four different sizes. Its patented cone design ensures perfect support. This USA made tool provides a 2-year warranty. But it is somewhat overpriced! If you want to improve body strength or spur weight loss, it goes down to your preference. Overall, these Master of Muscle Belts are a good bang for your bucks!


Question: What regular exercises can this belt be used for?

Answer: This belt can be used when you involve in weight training, for example, deadlifts, squats, and presses. You can also find it beneficial when for other forms of exercises like bench presses. Because this form is letting you focus on your core muscles. And, your reps will be relatively easier with a tight and strong core.

Question: Is this belt washable?

Answer: Yes. The synthetic material is washable by hand. You can use mild detergent as a cleaner. You can also apply the air-dry method for cleaning.

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