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How To Do Perfect Push Ups to Build Upper Body Strength

How To Do Perfect Push Ups
Written by Michael Benedict
Last Update: August 23, 2021

Pushup workout is one of the useful and widely adopted upper body building exercises. It requires no equipment but offers many variations. So, it becomes easy to track progress. However, the perfect pushup workout is required if you want to get the most out of your efforts. Most of us know the basics and make silly mistakes while doing the pushup workout. These actions might lead to a regret (a strain or injury). So, it’s imperative that you know how to perform perfect pushup? Let’s find out!

How To Do Perfect Push-Ups Workout

How to Do the Perfect Pushup Workout

For the perfect pushup workout, you need to be aware of certain steps and moves and then, you need to have a perfect pushup chart. Also, you have to learn about common mistakes while doing this exercise so that you can give more perfection to this workout. Follow the below steps to perform perfect pushup workout.

Step 1

Start this pushup workout with higher plank position. Place hands directly under your shoulder to the ground. Keep the toes on the floor to keep yourself stabilized in this position. Brace your core by tightening the abs, engage the hamstring and glutes and then flatten the back to keep the body straight and neutral.

Step 2

Now, start lowering your upper body keeping the lower body and back flat and head straight to the ground to maintain the neutral position. Keep lowering yourself unless your chest touches the ground. Do not let the butt to stick out or dip anyway while touching the ground as your full body should remain straight from toe to head. Draw your shoulder blades down and back, keeping your elbows close to the body.

Step 3

Exhale and push yourself back to the starting position keeping your body core engaged. Do not move your toe or the hands; try to maintain the straight body position throughout this move.

Also, remember to screw your hands while pushing down so that they face one another. Rotate your hands again while pushing back to keep your hands in the starting position.

Variations of Perfect Pushup Workout

The perfect pushup can be varied according to the hand position. There should be three variations of your hand’s position, such as narrow, standard, and wide. These three positions stimulate three different muscle groups. Standard pushup stimulates the triceps brachii, anterior deltoids, and pectoralis major. The wide pushup stimulates all of these muscles and also the Latissimus Dorsi or the lats muscle. The narrow pushups stimulate other muscles but put more stress on the triceps muscle.

So, if you want to stimulate a particular muscle group, choose wisely what type of pushups you wish to perform.

Benefits of Perfect Pushup Workout

Perfect pushup workout is highly beneficial to the mind and body if one can perform it regularly. Standard pushup workout stimulates almost all the muscle of our body which is highly essential for increased strength and stamina. So, what benefits we get by doing pushup workout correctly? The benefits are;

Benefits of Perfect Pushup Workout

  • Increased Strength by Full Body Muscle Activation
  • Stretched Muscle for Vitality and Health
  • Enhanced Cardio-Vascular System
  • Can Be Done Anywhere without Any Equipment
  • Provide Protection against Shoulder Injury
  • Improved Posture
  • Provide Protection against Injuries of Lower Back
  • Time Saving Great Exercise
  • Highly Helpful In Decreasing the Risk of Osteoporosis
  • Increase Testosterone Development

The benefits of perfect pushup workout are not limited to these benefits only. There are other benefits you can achieve by making it a daily routine, for example, high-calorie burn and improved digestion system. You can follow perfect pushup workout charts to get the best result. Moreover, you can also make your ideal pushup chart according to your strength in performing this exercise.

Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes for Pushup Workout

While performing pushups workout we make a lot of mistakes which keeps us away from the perfection we seek. Below mentioned mistakes are the most common mistakes that a lot of us do.

Mistake 1: Letting the Lower Back Arch or Sag

Mistake 1: Letting the Lower Back Arch or Sag

Pushup exercise is the perfect exercise for strengthening your shoulders, triceps, and pecs. To get this result, you have to do it perfectly. So, do not let your lower back arch or sag. Focus more on tightening the legs and glutes. Engage the glutes perfectly, and it will help you keep the back from sagging or arching. And also, touch the ground with your chest; maintain the hips in the same straight line as the shoulders.

Mistake 2: Not Breathing

Breathing is very important for this exercise. While making the moves correctly, you might forget to breathe. However, breathing is equally essential to make a perfect pushup move. Always remember to inhale while pushing down and exhale while pushing up.

Mistake 3: Flaring ARMS

If you let your arms flare out to 90 degrees, it will be tough for the shoulders to carry the most of your body weight. So, do not make a “T” shape with your arm and body. Instead, keep the elbows tucked to 20 to 40 degrees to the torso.

Mistake 3: Flaring ARMS

Mistake 4: Cheating

Do not cheat on yourself. Think about quality, not the quantity. Make sure you are making every move correctly by reaching the floor as much as you can. A sloppy form of exercise will be less effective and stimulates fewer muscles.

Mistake 5: Touching the Ground with Forehead Instead of Chest

If you have neck pain then probably you can’t keep your neck in a neutral position. So, if you do not have enough strength to lower the chest, then forehead will be lowered first. The standard solution to this problem is to stare at a point of the floor which is a few feet away from you. By doing this, you will try your best to keep your neck straight. If you still face the problem, drop to the knees unless your form gets better.

Mistake 5 Touching the Ground with Forehead Instead of Chest

These are the most common mistakes found in a lot of people. However, there are other mistakes as well. Try our recommendations if you perform any of the above mistakes. You can also watch the best exercising videos to give this workout more perfection.

Pushup Workout

Push up workout is the most commonly practiced upper body workout in the fitness world. It’s a total body movement exercise which offers increased strength and stamina for more laborious works. It’s a great bodyweight exercise which can be done in many places without the need for specialized equipment. Among the many variations, you can choose the one that suits you the best. However, to master this workout, you need to be patient. Also, the perfect pushup is a little harder to perform, and you need to ware of certain common mistakes. Don’t be worried! We will go through this so that you can master this exercise perfectly.

Pushup Workout

Final Words

Pushup workout is the perfect exercise to shape your upper body. The more benefit here is that you have to move your whole body while doing this exercise perfectly. For this reason, it stimulates almost all the body muscles. However, you need to perform a perfect pushup workout to get ideal fitness.

Performing perfect pushup is not that hard, but you have to learn about common mistakes and procedures for avoiding them. After reading this article, we believe that you are now well acknowledged about how to do the perfect pushup workout and also the ways of avoiding common mistakes. However, if you still require any information feel free to write us back.

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