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REEHUT Yoga Block Review for Perfect Yoga Support

REEHUT Yoga Block Review for Perfect Yoga Support

Yoga blocks are designed to provide support for doing yoga. Whether you’re doing a pose from the side angle or moving forward, yoga blocks come in handy. REEHUT Yoga Block is a portable, lightweight and precise tool for exercising. Not only yoga but you can do other exercises with the support of this yoga block. Another common use of this useful product is working them as speaker stands. The REEHUT Yoga Blocks are made with eco-friendly, non-toxic material. This product is used by everyone but especially people with low flexibility or who want to add comfort to their exhausting exercise routine… Read the entire REEHUT Yoga Block review to know all the aspects of this wonderful product.

Key features of REEHUT Yoga Block

The key features of the REEHUT Yoga Block are discussed in the following section.

1. Good material

The REEHUT yoga blocks are eco-friendly and completely non-toxic. Also, they’re moisture-proof, and thus there isn’t any possibility of bacterial infestation.

2. Dense and lightweight

Even if these blocks are made of high-density material that makes them sturdy, they’re lightweight. A single REEHUT yoga block only weighs 11.4 oz.

3. Help exercising for longer

The REEHUT yoga blocks are very handy during exercises. They help in calming down the muscles, doing longer stretches, deepening the exercise effects and aligning a perfect posture. These are not just the yoga blocks for beginners but professional yogis, too, use them for support in advanced poses.

4. Portable

Since they’re lightweight, they’re very easy to carry around. But the block size is such that you can sit on it and have sufficient surface.

5. Slip-resistant

The surface of the block is completely slip-resistant and secured. Its hold can always be trusted since it doesn’t even slip in the bit on sweat.

6. Beveled edges

The blocks have beveled edges to further add to its security. It also makes them soft, and the grip comfortable and easy.

7. Thick padding

The product comes with a 10 mm padding that ensures more comfort and strengthens the grip. This also helps in supporting 400 lbs.


  • Type Yoga block
  • Available sizes 9″ X 6″ X 3″, 9″ X 6″ X 4″
  • Item Weight 11.4 oz.
  • Material High density EVA foam
  • Color Available in 8 colors
  • Number of blocks 1-2


  • The product is odorless when used
  • Works as stands for speakers
  • Works great for people who normally can’t normally do all the postures
  • Even if the block shows initial marks on the surface under pressure, they go away after a few minutes due to the block’s resilience
  • Comes with good customer service


  • Comes with a chemical smell when it’s purchased but it slowly becomes odorless with use

Our findings

We’ve meant to test the REEHUT Yoga Block for quite some time. Finally, we bought the blocks and got around to exercise with it. This is what we’ve found about the product.

1. Performance

The product arrived very nicely with great wrapping and packaging. We ordered the 2 pcs 9″ X 6″ X 4″. With its price range, it was expected that they would reek of chemicals. They had a chemical overtone when we opened the package, but we got the air out of it, and it was alright thereafter. We were very impressed with its density in the first place. It was neither too hard nor soft.

We’re only new to the yoga exercises. We were doing it for therapy for posture aligning. But since our muscles aren’t that flexible yet, we couldn’t do a lot of exercises that require too much flexing. When we got the REEHUT Yoga Blocks, we could do our exercises with ease. The stretching, especially, has never been easier. Even the chiropractic exercises work well with the blocks. Due to its surface material, it was very easy to clean off anything that might cause slip. However, we don’t recommend doing too much heavy exercise on it since it tends to sink in with heavy exercises. Also, check out this great yoga pant review to add it to your exercise prop like us.

2. Ease of use

Its portability adds to its brilliance. We can just simply put it in our gym bags and go out to use them on the gym. The days of using gym blocks are over. Also, the REEHUT Yoga Blocks are supposed to make exercises easier, and they excel at that. You don’t have to go through any sort of hassle in using them. Simply put the block under the place of your body that needs support. You’ll feel more relaxed, and yet you’ll be doing more exercises than before.

3. Price

The price of such a wonderful thing is really interesting. It costs even less than a budget pillow. A product at this price is always a win.

How to Use and Maintain REEHUT Yoga Block

1. Poses with which you can use the REEHUT Yoga Block

  • Doing low lunge while placing the blocks underneath the palms
  • Doing a side angle while placing the palm on the block and putting a foot in front of it
  • Facing downwards with both the palms on the blocks
  • Doing a triangle pose with palm on the block that’s behind the front foot
  • Doing a half moon with palm on the block that’s 10 inches apart from the standing front foot
  • Bridge pose with the support of the block under the sacrum

2. How to maintain the REEHUT Yoga Block

There’s not much to do in maintaining the REEHUT Yoga Block since nothing ever attaches to its surface. You can use dishwashing soap to clean the stains and debris occasionally. Then let it dry.

Whom is REEHUT Yoga Block Review for Perfect Yoga Support Ideal for?

REEHUT Yoga Blocks are useful for those who exercise regularly whether they’re beginners or professionals. Advanced exercise poses are not always safe and have chances of straining muscles. The REEHUT yoga blocks are a great support for the firm and comfortable seating. People use it for doing meditation on. For standing poses, it creates a good alignment with height. If you’re taking physical therapy or Pilates, these yoga blocks will add to your balance and flexibility.

Customers’ Feedbacks

Amazon and other online reviews of the product point out that the customers are happy about their experience with the product. All of them have praised the product’s assistance in exercising, its price and its material. But there are certain complaints about the product that it comes to the damaged and with holes. Some of these problems occur due to the shipping, and some occur because of the faulty production. But the manufacturer has returned them with new ones.

The manufacturer even encourages the customers to give an honest review of the product. There are many honest reviews that say that this is one of the best yoga blocks they’ve ever used.

Our Final Thoughts

After discussing the REEHUT Yoga Block in details, it’s time to say what we really think about the product. So, here’s our verdict.

This uniquely textured, lightweight and convenient product is a wonderful assistance to your daily exercise routine. Even if you no longer want to use it as an exercising prop, you can always use as a stand for speaker, lifting your TV or even as a pillow. With a rating this high, this product practically sells itself.

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