Stamina | X Ab/Hyper Bench Review

Stamina | X Ab/Hyper Bench

Have you been suffering from back pain? Could not workout with heavy equipment? Then Stamina | X Ab/Hyper Bench can be a perfect solution for your problem. Surprised! Then let’s explore how.

Crunch bench is considered to be one of the most efficient workout equipment. It lets every part of your body workout effectively. Physiotherapists also recommend this bench to patients suffering from severe back pain or muscle congestion.

The company Stamina | X has designed the equipment to give you extended back support so that your lower back muscle can be stronger. Moreover, it helps you to have stronger abs by doing abdominal workouts.

If this Stamina | X Ab/Hyper Bench sounds interesting to you and you are thinking of buying this then go through the review to learn more about this equipment.

Stamina | X Ab/Hyper Bench Review Overview

With Stamina X weight bench, you can build a fit body in a comfortable way simply by staying at home. The bench is good enough to build your core and back muscles. Regular use of this can improve your posture, will minimize back pain, improve your physical performance and many more. Along with that, this bench can strengthen your whole body and keep you full of energy all day long.

You do not even need to worry about its adjustment. Stamina | X Ab/Hyper Bench can angle anywhere with just pulling one pin. So you can fit it into any small area of your house.


  • Dimension: 45.8 x 18.5 x 32.5 inches
  • Bench adjustment: 4 levels
  • Construction: Steel frame
  • Incline feature: 30-degree
  • Weight: 37 pounds

Feature Analysis

1. Adjustable bench

  • The bench does not make your body stressed by exercising at a single position for a long time. Rather you can adjust the angle of the bench according to your demand, and this will not take much time. Simply pulling the pin, which is attached to the legs can angle the bench from a 30° incline to a flat position.

2. Multi-purpose

  • Stamina hyper bench can bring the gym to your home as it can serve you with multi-tasking feature. You can use the bench for push-ups or can bench dip on it. Along with that hyper-extensions and squats are also possible with this hyper bench.

3. Easy storage

  • You do not even need to worry about the storage of the bench. Just about It can be fitted into any corner of your house. Moreover, if you want to cover it after using, that is also possible.

    The bench has folding feature. So you can fold the bench and store it in your storeroom, under the bed, behind the couch or at any other small place.

4. Durable construction

  • The manufacture has constructed the bench with a frame of heavy duty steel. This makes the hyper bench durable and strong for use.

5. Safe support

  • Keeping your comfort ability on mind Stamina | X has designed the bench to give you highest user friendliness. The bench is thickly padded to give you a smooth sitting and its adjustable thigh support keeps your thigh in comfort.

    Besides that, the Pivoting foam rollers help your legs to be in place while doing hyperextension exercises and feet in place while doing crunches. Additionally, the thick foam grip of the handle gives you a safe grip and rubber frame caps attached to the legs of the bench give you non-slip protection on a slippery floor.

Pros & Cons

6. Pros

    • Easy handle reach
    • Easy to fold
    • Fits in small place
    • Adjustable according to the requirement
    • Multi-tasking

7. Cons

    • Hard to tighten the screws

Final Verdict

The stamina x weight bench is almost a perfect equipment as your fitness partner. Since we found one simple issue, we can’t tell that it is a perfect bench. The screws of the bench may feel hard to tighten after adjusting its position. Your hands can get hurt while tightening it. Forget worries as you can use any screw tightening tool for the task.

In the end, we recommend you to buy this bench if you want a multi-tasking workout equipment at a reasonable price. Stamina | X Ab/Hyper Bench can be one of your good choices then.

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