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Total Gym 1900 Reviews

Total Gym 1900

Total Gym 1900 is useful and helpful equipment to shape your body in a fitness scale. It is like a complete home gym. It helps you lose your extra weight and keeps fit. Varieties of exercises make you feel healthy and compatible.

This Total gym takes a minimum time to work out. It only takes 10-15 minutes to lose your extra pounds. You can also fold it in your closet as it is pulled up facilities easily. We appreciate it as it accommodates facilities for both the beginners and the advanced exercisers. If you are about getting in shape and losing weight, this machine is great. It is the key to the event that accomplishes its intended purpose of getting fitness.

Total gym 1900 works on 60 different levels which help you to choose from a wide variety, unlike other total gym workouts. This gym tool is widely used by other total gyms. Nevertheless, you can try it at any age whether you are 8 or 80. It can weigh 350 lb and resist around 3 to 45% of your body muscles like Total Gym xls. Although total gym directs you to take an exercise, you need to be cautious to select an appropriate gym product. Respecting this view, we are here to direct you towards the right products.


  • Product Dimensions 92.5 x 16 x 43.2 inches
  • weight capacity 350 lb user
  • Item model number R1900CAT


  • Strengthens muscles and loses weight
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Accommodates from beginner to advanced levels
  • Smooth and fluid
  • Allows a wide range of exercise
  • Many possible exercises with equipment
  • 12 Calibrated Levels
  • Hand Bar Along With Foot Pads
  • Setting Up 60 Different Exercises In One Machine Which Provides You Different And
  • Distinguished Exercises
  • 90-Degree Hand Bars
  • Narrow But Very Long (You Can Lay Down On It)

Our Remarks

Though there is a little dissatisfaction on this total gym reviews, we didn’t notice any major problems to handle it. As your strength and a learning process or conditioning improve, you can boost your resistance percentage easily using the total gym 1900.

Overall, it sounds like a good gym for you. And, it will be nothing but a funny and interesting exercise like total gym fit. Though there are some negative and critical reviews going on about the total gym, total gym 1900 is a little bit different in total gym price and accessories. Both of the beginners and the advanced exercisers can fit themselves by trying it.

We have tried to correct your choice and highly suggest you on the basis of our experiences in using this item. Now it’s your decision to pick the exact exercise material to lose your extra flesh off.

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