York Preacher Curl Attachment Review

York Preacher Curl Attachment

Do you want to add more efficiency to your workout? Then York Preacher Curl Attachment is probably what you need.

This preacher curl bench attachment gives isolation to your biceps and concentrates on your upper hand workout. The attachment is quite comfortable and safe to use. This preacher bench attachment helps to provide more accurate fixation on the arm muscles.

For more detailed information and discussion, here we start our York Preacher Curl Attachment Review for best of your convenience.

York Preacher Curl Attachment Overview

York Preacher Curl Attachment is designed as an upgrade to the YORK® FTS Flex Bench and the YORK® FTS Olympic Combo Bench. It adds to the functionality of your preacher curl bench by allowing isolation to your biceps and concentrating on upper arm workout. Contoured upper section ensures more fixation of the arm.


  • Weight: 52lb
  • 5” (6.2cm) thick upper pad
  • Mounted front bar
  • Contoured upper section
  • Compatible with combo benches

Feature Analysis

1. Compatibility

  • The preacher bench attachment is designed for FTS Flex Bench and FTS Olympic Combo Bench.

2. Convenience

  • Front mounted bar of this curl attachment supports to allow the user stayed comfortable and secured while using the Preacher Curl.

3. Contoured upper section

  • The preacher curl bench attachment features 2.5″ (6.2 cm) thick upper pad having a contoured upper section which provides more accurate fixation on the arm muscles.

Pros & Cons

4. Pros

    • Sturdy
    • Durable
    • Easy to attach
    • Easy to clean
    • Provides comfort

5. Cons

    • A little bit expensive

Final Verdict

York Barbell FTS Preacher Curl Attachment Might seem a little bit expensive to you. But if you consider the quality and the overall performance of this preacher curl attachment, you should probably admit the price is reasonable enough.

York Preacher Curl Attachment provides a quality workout to your biceps while ensuring an optimum level of comfort and safety considering the customer demands. In case, you need a preacher curl attachment for your FTS Flex Bench or FTS Olympic Combo Bench; you should not probably think twice about choosing this fantastic attachment.

Hopefully, our review was helpful enough to provide you with the idea you needed of this preacher curl attachment. We wish that you can make the best use of it!

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