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Sole SB700 Indoor Cycle Review

Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike

No matter what if you are seeking a perfect exercise bike for home or light commercial use, Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike could be the right choice for you. It comes with an integrated wireless technology which can deliver the quietest and smoothest rides on the exercise bike. It is believed to have the ability to put value and performance in unison. A comfortable, durable and responsive exercise bike is hard to get at an inexpensive price. Let’s see if this exercise bike can make a happy pair of affordability and quality.

Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike allows users to perform a great variety of workouts by offering multiseat and handlebar adjustments. As per the claims of the manufacturer, this machine is equally effective for both the indoor and outdoor cyclist. So, you shouldn’t worry much about having dual experiences of exercising with this Sole SB700. The following review will help you get a full insight into this exercise bike.

Key Features of Sole SB700 Indoor Cycle

The key features of this exercise bike have a distinctive attribute which can help it become one of the best exercise bikes available in the market. Let’s know the key features from the below section.

1. Adjustable Seat, Handlebars & Resistance

Every person has a unique structure and different preferences. So, the adjustability of seat and handlebars can help a user acquire a custom fit. You can move the seat and handlebars up and down as well as forward and backward. It has a knob turn adjustable resistance.

2. Heavy 48 lb. Flywheel with Kevlar Braking System

The flywheel is a vital component of an exercise bike. The effectiveness of a bike depends on it to a great extent. The SB700 Stationary Exercise Bike comes with a heavy duty 48 lb. chrome plated flywheel with Kevlar braking system.

3. Integrated Blue, Backlit LCD Display

This exercise bike has an integrated blue, backlit, LCD console display that shows time, KCal, distance, RPM and speed. The console is vibrant and easy to read.

4. Ergonomic Padded Saddle

A comfortable saddle contributes greatly to promote long-distance training. This bike has an ergonomically padded saddle to make the journey comfortable for the exercisers.

5. Compatibility with Wireless Heart Rate Chest Straps

You can see the accurate heart rate on the console screen. This bike is compatible with wireless heart rate chest straps so that you can monitor the heart rate to stay within the target heart rate training zones.

6. Frame, Transport Wheel, Pedals and Brake Pads

The frame comes in two-millimeter oval steel tubing which makes it more sturdy. This bike has transport wheels to make it easily movable. The brake pads and pedals with toe straps make it a more effective exercise bike that offers optimal comfort.

7. Comprehensive Warranty

The manufacturer offers a comprehensive warranty for this gym equipment provided that all service is performed at home. They offer a lifetime warranty for the frame, three years for electronics and parts and a one-year warranty for labor.


  • Type Exercise Bike
  • Product Dimensions 42 by 21 by 40 inches (LxWxH)
  • Display 3 by 4-inch backlit blue LCD
  • Seat/Handlebar Adjustment Up/Down; Fore/Aft
  • Frame two-millimeter oval steel tubing
  • Flywheel 48-pound, chrome plate flywheel
  • Weight 140 pounds
  • Maximum Weight Capacity 300 pounds


  • Adjustable resistance
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Easily readable display
  • Adjustable seat, pedals, handlebars, and toe caps.


  • It is so heavy.
  • Brake pads don’t last long.

Our Findings

I was searching for a good exercise bike which will allow me to get long distance training in the comfort of home. After doing my research, I have found this one the right choice capable of serving my purposes being affordable and comfortable. Let’s see what I have found about the effectiveness of this exercise bike after using it for 6 long months.

1. Performance

The assembling process was quite easy as I had no issue regarding this. I adjusted the height and position of the seat and handlebars as per my physical structure. It is really a cool feature. The turn dial helped me achieve an adjustable resistance very easily. The pedals and toecaps made the whole workout superbly comfortable. Another great thing about this bike is its console which can make you aware of all the parameters including Kcal, heart rate, distance, time and much more. The brake pads and heavy-duty flywheel ensures comfortable and quiet workouts for the users. So, the performance is great only if you can accept the heaviness and have the plan to replace the brake pad after a few months every time. As the brake is friction based, the brake pads gradually wear away.

2. Ease of use

Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike has great usability. The adjustable seat and handlebars along with a digital console display make it super easy to use. You can perform a large range of challenge to meet your individual need using the adjustable resistance and heart rate chest straps. On top of that, it has transport wheels which have made it transportable to any place of the home and light commercial space.

3. Price

Compared to other fitness exercise bikes, this bike comes with a less price with more features. If you want a budget exercise bike loaded with significant facilities, give this one a try.

How to Use and Store the Sole SB700 Indoor Cycle?

You will get the best out of this product if you can use and store this it correctly.

1. How to use it?

Ride on the bike and figure out the right position of the saddle and handlebars to acquire a custom fit. Adjust the setting as per your need to achieve ultimate comfort. Now, you can adjust the resistance level using the turn knob. Once, the required setting is completed, start biking. You will get amazing biking experience that mimics the same motion of a real outdoor bike. The console display will show all the necessary data. Use the information to grab your personal goal.

2. How to store it?

Wipe the seat and handlebar with a damp cloth after each workout sessions to get rid of the sweats. Clean the frame and flywheel with soft and dry cloths. Apply lubricant to the flywheel after every 3-4 months. Don’t keep it open for a long time if you’re not using it. Protect it with a covering and store it in a cool and dry place.

Customers’ Feedbacks

This exercise bike isn’t vastly popular yet, but the verified users are satisfied with its utility. It has earned 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon according to more than 150 reviews. Most of them are happy with the sturdiness, comfort, and longevity it offers. A few have complaints about the heaviness and some customers have reported that the brake pads get worn after a few months.

Whom is this product ideal for?

This bike can be an ideal inclusion for the equipment of your home gym. It is suitable both for the beginner and pro level fitness enthusiasts. You can also use this exercise bike for light commercial use.

Our Final Thoughts

Enough with the rigorous analysis, let’s delve into our final verdict in the light of the above discussion. I am sure you are also waiting to hear the ultimate ruling. Well! This is a great exercise bike due to the comfort and adjustable exercising positions it offers. No matter what if you like outdoor or indoor cycling, Sole has designed this bike combining them together. So, it has the ability to ensure comfort and ease of exercise. You will not find a better one in its price range. But don’t forget that it’s too heavy and you may have to replace the brake pads if needed. A comprehensive warranty will oversee that for you.


Question: Does this bike come with magnetic resistance?

Answer: No. It has the brake pad resistance. To get a magnetic resistance setting you must look for higher end costly equipment.

Question: Is there any workout routine preloaded on the computer?

Answer: No. The computer will show you only the data such as speed, distance, elapsed time RPM, heart rate, calorie burned, & time of day.

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